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Spam Zombies Are Here To Stay, And Multiply

If the term “spam zombies” gives you the chills and thrills, it’s only natural. It does the same to computers. Only, well… from a more technical point of view. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, spam zombies are computers infected with a type of malware called "(malicious) bot" that manipulates them to send spam e-mails throughout the world, flooding millions of inboxes in a matter of seconds.
According to security research data from Commtouch’s Internet Threat Trends Report, an average of 303,000 spam zombies were activated on a daily basis world-wide, in April-June 2012. The number shows an increase of more than 30,000 compared to the previous quarter. Other data positions India on top of the zombie-hosting countries, being home to 20% of the zombies activated to send junk e-mail in the same period. And the numbers of zombie threats registered for the current and following quarters are likely to increase. Alongside India, there are other Asian countries holding large numbers of spam zombies. Available data on spam zombies shows that 49.7% of the junk e-mail sent out world-wide in the last quarter came from Asian countries. But users in countries like Italy, Germany, the US have also fallen victim. Spam zombies are here to stay, and for a long time it seems. Which means – buckle up! Get proper internet security for your PC, including a proactive Antivirus, a Spamfilter, a Vulnerability Scanner and a Safe browsing tool, like the ones included in BullGuard Internet Security 12. So that next time you’re surfing the web, malicious bots can’t sneak up on you and turn your computer into a zombie. Now that you know where those unscrupulous e-mails (promoting pharmacy ads, enhancers, diet pills and so on) come from, share the info with your friends! Advise them to always use proper security when they go online and keep their software up to date.
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Written by Emma Ban

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