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Sir Winston Wishing You A Happy & Safe Halloween. Or Should We Say… Count Winston?

Well chaps, was it the picture that gave it away? This year for Halloween, I’m Count Dracula!
 I don’t know about you but I spent weeks trying to figure out what I should be... it’s not easy getting 4 legs into a costume. So I appreciate you all weighing in. The Facebook poll is over now and as you can see I decided to go for the costume that got the most votes from you. And I couldn’t be happier with my choice! For those of you that like a little history – Count Dracula has been around for ages. What I like about him most is what sets him apart from all other vampires before him – his aristocratic charm. According to Eastern European folklore, vampires are quite scary characters (no surprise there) that resemble the dead and are extremely off putting. Dracula on the other hand, is charming, aristocratic and set on world domination. Legend has it he’s a Transylvanian nobleman and inhabits a dark decaying castle in the Carpathian Mountains. Spooky!

I think I make quite a good Count Dracula, don’t you? ‘Like’ this post, if you agree.

Anywho, enough about me for now. What did you all dress up as? I do hope you’re staying safe out there, and using our security tips at BullGuard to help protect you and your families. As we’ve mentioned before, scammers and spammers tend to use holidays, and popular topics to infiltrate and corrupt our computers and our lives. So be doubly careful about what you’re clicking on this week, and take a second look at who sent you that funny looking email before you open or pass it on to friends. No doubt you’ll all be spending a lot more time on Facebook checking out everyone’s costumes, so I urge you all to watch out for fake Facebook posts. If you think you’ve accidentally clicked on something you shouldn’t have, delete the suspect posts from your wall, and don’t share anything with friends from an unknown source. Don’t be afraid to report suspicious behaviour or malicious content on Facebook. Not sure how to? Read this article about Facebook reporting.
Stay safe out there, and get into the holiday spirit. Just mind yourself and don’t get egged online! Cheerio,
Count Winston.



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