Here at BullGuard, we’d like to educate you about an email hoax making its way around the internet.
Take a look at it carefully, and make note it of it:    
From: DHL EXPRESS -- You have a package in our office which was sent to you by the combination all Banks that operate Western Union Money Transfer in their Banks. Provide the following details: FULL NAME: RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: OCCUPATION: COUNTRY : Marital status: City/Zip code: TEL NO: FAX: Gender: SCANNED COPY OF YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT OR ANY RELEVANT IDENTIFICATION PASSPORT. Yours Sincerely, Mr. Mc Donald dhl Senior Delivery Officer It’s concerning to think how many people might actually voluntarily give away this information, especially the scanned copy of a passport. Wowzer! This hoax will only become more dangerous as people begin their holiday shopping online. A message about a delivery won’t seem so out of the blue then.

What are the 3 big giveaways?

  • First off, the broken English - DHL most certainly checks the spelling and grammar in their emails before sending them out to their customers.
  • Secondly, the email address looks suspect, even though it’s got a ".gov," it ends in a "BR" which implies it’s from a foreign country.
  • And lastly, the format of the email – no address or customer service number is provided for you to follow up with them offline.
All of these clues tell you not to respond to this email, and to delete it immediately. If you got this email in your inbox, would you respond to it, or would you immediately identify it as a hoax? Bu sure to keep yourself informed about email spam and scams. You can start right here.
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