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Top Tech Gifts 2012. Part III

Well, well Chaps! How’s your Holiday shopping going?
 Drum rollll, please! I bring to you today the third and final instalment in the Top Tech Gifts series for 2012.  

And our "Top Tech Gifts 2012" ends with:

1. Solio-Mono
Let’s face it, being able to charge your phone throughout the day is vital, if you’re anything like me, you’re on your phone or tablet non-stop, and sometimes it’s hard to get it to keep a charge. Charge your device the greener way, and plug it into the sun, via the small and portable Solio solar panel. This charger comes with a ton of adapters, covering you for the majority of phones, iPods, digital cameras and even GPS devices. Never be left powerless again.
2. AGloves
An oldie, but a goodie with a twist. There’s nothing worse than having to take your toasty hands out of your gloves on a cold commute home in the dead of winter, simply to check your messages on your touchscreen phone or tablet. We’ve all seen the gloves with the smartphone compatible pads on the thumb and index finger, but check these out… these warm, comfortable, unisex gloves have pads on every single finger, meaning your hands stay warm and you’ll be able to easily write that email or answer that call.
3. Parrot Zik
Referred to as ‘the most advanced headphones’, they might just be right. These are perhaps the coolest headphones to date, the experience of putting them on has been described as wearing ‘clouds of music bliss’. With good sound through a technology called the Parrot Concert Hall Effect, and Active Noise Cancellation, these are only made cooler by the fact that you can control your music selection through touch control and motion detection. Simply slide your finger left or right on the earpiece to move tracks forward or back, and by moving your finger in an up and down motion you can control the volume, and you can also pause the track by tapping the earpiece or placing the headphones around your neck. How handy is that? This breakthrough technology will set you back a bit, so make sure you give these to someone you really like.
4. And last, but not least, Microsoft’s Surface
The latest and most popular Windows 8 tablet to hit shelves. If you’re a fan of Windows RT, then you will appreciate what this tablet can do. If you know someone that uses Office like it’s going out of style, then this really is the cat’s meow! We love the integrated kickstand, something the iPad lacks, and why not accessorize it with a Touch Cover – which also doubles as a keyboard. And, I’m sure we don’t need to remind you, but now that BullGuard’s software is compatible with Window’s 8, this could all become the perfect package for a special someone.
I do hope we have helped you with your shopping this year and that you are the best gift-giver in your circle of friends!
Cheerio and Happy Holidays,
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Written by Sir Winston

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