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BullGuard’s Vulnerability Scanner Helps You Easily Spot Weaknesses On Your Computer

Software_vulnerability_scannerSecurity holes in widely used computer programs make headlines almost constantly. Vulnerabilities in Oracle’s Java software, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, or Adobe’s Flash Player are just some of the software flaws that recently appeared in security news and serve as a reminder that computers have weaknesses too.
Get BullGuard Internet Security 2013 free for 60 days here! Unfortunately, these weaknesses can easily be detected by hackers who can exploit them to launch attacks on weak computers and to:
  • trick users into opening documents that contain, say, malicious Flash content
  • slip in malicious software programmed to steal important private information
  • take control of the computer or of the entire network your computer is part of.
Now, usually, software developers issue patches and updates for these flaws once they discover them. But by the time users update their computer programs, the attackers may already produce exploits and target their weak computers. So in this war of “good developer vs. bad developer”, the victim is you, the regular user. What to do? Always keep all your computer software up to date! This may prove a rather tedious and lengthy task, but this is where BullGuard’s software Vulnerability Scanner comes into play.

How vulnerable is your computer? Find out with BullGuard’s Vulnerability Scanner!

The Vulnerability Scanner module scans both Windows and other installed applications, add-ons, for possible vulnerabilities and then provides you with a list of available updates and patches for the flaws found during the scan. The whole thing takes just 4 simple steps:  1. Go to Dashboard >> PC protection >> Vulnerabilities >> Start scanner. Once you click on Start Scanner, BullGuard will start scanning your computer. Software_vulnerability_scanner_1  Software_vulnerability_scanner_2     2. When the scan is done, BullGuard will display a list of issues found during scanning and links to updates and patches available for them. For issues marked with 'High Severity' you need to download the recommended update immediately! You can also decide to uninstall the applications from the list, or ‘Ignore’ the vulnerabilities. Software_vulnerability_scanner_3    3. If you decide to 'Ignore' some of the vulnerabilities you can get back to them at a later time to revert their status: go to Dashboard >> Vulnerabilities >> Ignored tab >> View Ignored >> Unignore selected. After choosing this option, the vulnerabilities previously discovered will appear under the Status tab >> View results option, and from here on you can take action and download the recommended updates. Software_vulnerability_scanner_4   4. Now, after you’re done with your first scan, you can set up a scan schedule to run regularly at specified times. Go to Settings tabs in the application, then click on the ‘Vulnerabilities’ entry and choose daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly scans and the date for the next automatic scan. And that’s it! Software_vulnerability_scanner_5 Download BullGuard Internet Security 2013 and keep your computer in good health!
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