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Turning off your internet security protection in order to save all important computer resources for an outstanding gaming experience may leave a door open to cybercriminals that spot and exploit security flaws.
 Try BullGuard Internet Security 2013, free for 60 days, here! BullGuard values your safety and passions, applying strong security policies while you are playing your favourite games, without affecting computer performance. All you have to do is configure a gaming profile for the games you enjoy and BullGuard will carefully handle all security-related issues.

Do Not Disturb

Custom security settings and policies can be applied while playing your favourite games. You can save valuable computer resources and use them for an enjoyable gaming experience instead, without compromising your internet security. BullGuard can highly reduce resource consumption by suppressing scheduled activity, either backups or scans. Also, automatic updates are postponed until you end the game and no pop-ups, alerts or notifications will interrupt you. You may choose between predefined or custom profiles.

How does it work?

Go to Dashboard > Game Mode to activate, configure and edit game profiles. Gamemode_1 BullGuard comes with a predefined list of profiles, for the most popular games. Select the game from the profiles list and then click Start Game Mode. Then, run the configuration wizard to create custom game profiles for your favourite applications.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 Select Edit profiles > New profile. Choose a profile name. Add a custom icon and pinpoint the main game executable (.exe file), that will be closely monitored by BullGuard. When launching the game, BullGuard can automatically switch to the configured game profile, ask for your confirmation to start profile or simply ignore the profile. Select Next to display the Antivirus settings page


Step 2 Depending on your security preferences, you can configure several Real-time Antivirus settings that will be effective while the gaming profile is active. Select Next to display the Firewall settings page.   Gamemode_3

Step 3 Configure appropriate rules that will allow or block the application’s internet access.


Note that you will revert to the initial Antivirus and Firewall settings when the game profile is deactivated. Profiles that were manually activated need to be manually deactivated. These settings can also be fine-tuned at a later stage by accessing Dashboard > Game Mode > Edit profiles; choose a profile from the list and configure various settings under the following tabs: General, Antivirus and Firewall. On systems running Windows 8, game monitoring is launched only if the Game mode is active. Go to Settings > Game Mode > Turn Gaming Monitor On or Off and select On. Are you a passionate gamer? Then you can leave all PC and internet security-related concerns aside and make the most of your gaming experience. Get BullGuard Internet Security, and make no comprmises anymore: enjoy the best gaming experience while staying completely safe!

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