Once in a while it’s good to have an idea of the latest scams out there, so that you can avoid them.
Here is a couple to keep an eye out for: Try BullGuard Internet Security 2013, free for 60 days, here!

1. Google Glasses
As we always say here at BullGuard, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t fall for the pre-order websites for this highly anticipated product. You will never see anything for the huge amount of money you’ll shell out to the crooks on googleglass-presale.com.

2. Facebook Samsung Giveaway
Another case of ‘too good to be true’ offer. The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the latest victims of cybercriminals, along with 20,000 Facebook users. According to the fake Samsung Facebook page, they’re giving away 5,000! Don’t be tempted to engage this scam, at $900 a phone, there’s no way Samsung would simple give away $4.5 million in new products.

3. AOL Phishing
Cybercriminals are finding new and smarter ways to get users to hand over their information and this scam is a perfect example. This phishing campaign targets AOL users via an email with the subject “Customer Care Solution” and a message that reads along the lines of: “A TJ2117 Virus has been detected in your folders. Login Here to Switch to the new Secure TJ2117 antivirus 2013. Thank you for choosing our service.” You’re then taken to a fake AOL login page and asked to provide your login information, meaning these crooks now know your password.

Now let’s take a look at this Infographic which provides interesting statistics on the state of internet scams and internet security in 2012.
Here’s another article from  on scams you need to know about: Beware of travel scams. And don’t forget to share this precious info with your friends so they don’t fall victim either! Here at BullGuard, we keep you safe, and most importantly we keep it simple. Subscribe to this blog for frequent security news updates and tips on how to stay safe online with BullGuard security products.