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Winston's Temple Run 2 Review

 Apologies for being a bit missing in action, but I’ve literally just been obsessed with the game Temple Run 2! It took me a minute to get the hang of it – paws and touch screens are a difficult combination – but I’m loving it now. I’m not sure I’ve shared my passion for mobile games with you before, but I am quite the fan. The last game I was enthralled with was Angry Birds Star Wars. Phew that was a good one! This time however, there’s no birds and no Star Wars. This time, it’s the sequel to the game that 170 million of you downloaded, the game that really redefined mobile gaming. Temple Run 2 is much more difficult than the first one, with lots of new and unexpected twists, but the goal remains the same: keep running, avoid obstacles and stay ahead of the beast that’s right behind you. You’ll find yourself in mines with new characters, sliding down ropes! Coins are, of course, still available to help you purchase power-ups and characters, but Temple Run 2 offers a secondary currency as well – Gems. You’ll find these gems scattered throughout your travels, but they can also be purchased. These gems serve to revive you should you die prematurely. With 50 million downloads in 2 weeks, Temple Run is the fastest growing mobile game of all time, so clearly I haven’t been the only one slacking on my duties to immerse myself in these temples! If you aren’t one of the 50 million that has already tried it and loved it, I strongly recommend that you do so. It’s jolly good fun. Just remember to be smart about which reputable sites you download this from, and it’s not a bad idea to invest in a security suite to protect your phone from any bugs that might come through. Of course I only use BullGuard Mobile Security to protect my Android phone from sketchy mobile phone apps because it gives me antivirus protection at the same time! What do you think – is Temple Run 2 the best mobile game ever?
Cheerio, Winston.




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