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Keep Your Inbox Clean With BullGuard’s Spamfilter

Are you receiving tons of spam emails and wondering how those spammers got your email address? Well, there may be several possible answers:
    1. a friend of yours that has your contact details in their address book got their email account hacked 2. you registered with your email address to a so-called free service that was actually meant to trick you into giving away your precious contact details 3. you posted a message in a forum that gets spammed very easily. BullGuard Spamfilter keeps a watchful eye on your inbox and makes sure you get only legitimate emails in your inbox folder and from senders you fully trust. BullGuard Spamfilter is designed to work on Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Incredimail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

How does BullGuard’s Spamfilter work?

When Spamfilter is active, BullGuard closely monitors all sent and received emails. It spots valuable data, such as specific keywords, subjects, links or email addresses and builds a database that will be used to sort out emails. Note that no personal or identifiable information is held or used. The accuracy of BullGuard Spamfilter relies on data collected from existing emails during the training process and on details collected via the Spamfilter toolbar, as soon as emails reach your inbox. Based on Bayesian filtering, BullGuard Spamfilter is tailored to each BullGuard user and permanently adapts to variations in spam content.

Configuration steps

You may configure BullGuard Spamfilter by selecting Dashboard > Spamfilter > Configure: Dashboard_spamfilter
  1. Select the email client you want to configure and then click Next.
  2. Select the folder to which spam emails will be moved by BullGuard.
  3. Add or remove contacts from the whitelist generated by BullGuard and click Next.
  4. Pinpoint the folders that contain legitimate emails and click Next.
  5. Pinpoint the folders that contain spam emails and click Next.
  6. Make final adjustments and click Finish.

You can manage all email addresses and domains by adding them to either the whitelist, or the blacklist. All emails and domain names on the whitelist will be excluded from the regular Spamfilter check, whereas all emails coming from addresses on the blacklist will be automatically moved to the indicated spam folder. Here you can find more tips on how to better manage your whitelist and blacklist. Note that you may configure any of the supported email clients, irrespective of whether the Spamfilter is turned On or Off, but email interception is performed only if the Spamfilter is turned On. BullGuard’s Spamfilter toolbar is added to each supported email client after Spamfilter has been turned On. To turn Spamfilter On or Off, select Settings > Spamfilter. Also, you can customize additional features within this section. Settings_spamfilter

Tired of receiving so many spam emails? Install BullGuard Internet Security 2013 now! It includes a powerful Spamfilter component that helps you keep your inbox clean.

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