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How To Protect Your Children From Identity Theft

Someone is stealing from your children, and it’s not Okay. But what are YOU doing about it?
This is one of the newest issues in internet security over the last few years, with an estimated 10% of children becoming victims. Online identity theft has been around for a while, but child identity theft is a newer development. Just think back to when you graduated from school – a perhaps you were applying for student loans or for your first house. And now imagine being denied, because someone had stolen your identity and destroyed your credit score before your adult life had even started. What a helpless, frustrating situation. Olivia McNamara’s identity was stolen when she was 9; she ended up being denied for a credit card out of college because she was $1.5 million in debt. Fortunately this situation can be avoided, and BullGuard will tell you know how, but first…

How can you tell if your child’s identity has been stolen?

  1. Your child starts receiving junk mail that just doesn’t seem appropriate for their age, perhaps for pre-approved credit cards or other financial offers, the kind that you would typically get.
  2. Search for a credit report. If one exists in his or her name, this would indicate that he or she has been targeted. A credit report is only initiated by an application for credit. Consider calling a credit reporting agency on an annual basis.
  3. A bill or collection agency call for your child is a clear sign of identity fraud. Don’t just dismiss it as a case of mistaken identity.
There are clues out there, so it’s important to be vigilant and keep an eye out for red flags. It could mean the difference between he/she buying their dream house years down the line. The best way to avoid getting into any of this mess in the first place is to purchase and install a software suite with identity protection. BullGuard Premium Protection can offer you just that and more. It searches for personal information of your choice on the web, social networks and sources of compromised data, and alerts you the minute it finds something. You can also choose to monitor personal information of your children, as well as to keep an eye on their Facebook profiles to protect them against potential Facebook dangers. Get BullGuard Premium Protection today and set up the identity and social media protection for your children!


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