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Winston_detective_blog‘Ello, ‘Ello!
 Old chaps, my, my, it has been a while since we last chatted. I’ve decided to come out of my undercover research assignment for BullGuard to share some of my thoughts on how you can protect your personal data and your children on social networks. Thank goodness I’m here to keep you up to speed and fully protected from all of these sorts of dramas. It’s no easy feat staying safe on the internet these days. It feels like no matter where you turn, cyber criminals have found a way to sink their evil paws into all of it – from identity theft in children and people that have passed on, to fake relatives begging for money. Take Facebook for example, they are constantly making efforts to improve their security, but sometimes things get out of control. Take for example the 6 million users’ contact details that were leaked last week. That’s a big oops. If they can’t always take on the cyber criminals and win, how on earth can you be expected to outsmart them? Luckily there is a way around it all. And good news, it requires very little dedication and time from you. BullGuard now offers two monitoring services: Identity Protection and Social Media Protection. Our latest security software (check out how I look embossed in gold on the packaging!) covers you off on both fronts, all in one sweet suite. Premium Protection offers you the ultimate in identity and social media protection, a multilayered protection system – it comes with proactive Antivirus and antiphishing protection, safe browsing, spamfilter, firewall, parental control, game mode, PC Tune-up and vulnerability scanner features. You can pretty much register any and all types of personal data, from usernames and email addresses, to credit card and phone numbers, and Identity Protection will patrol the internet 24/7 for any trace or mention of them. If your details are picked up anywhere, you are immediately notified by email and SMS, with advice on what next steps you should take. You’re also protected from a social media stand point, which, as Facebook has shown 6 million people this week, is an extremely important area that needs protecting.  This component of the tool box enables parents to protect their children without being overbearingly intrusive. Sign up for alerts to be notified when any potentially harmful activities are detected. It helps to ensure that even if you’re children aren’t talking to you about their potentially bad experiences, they won’t suffer in silence. We’ve even thrown in 25GB of free space in the cloud. Connect from any device and access your favourite photos, music and movies without clogging up your hard drive. BullGuard Premium Protection gives you everything you need, all in one neat package, protecting you from identity theft, financial fraud and social media dangers. You can try it free for 30 days here. With $21 billion lost to identity theft this year, so far, you can’t afford not to. Now that I’ve done my bit to serve and protect you all, I’m headed back underground to continue my research. I’ll be back soon to share more secrets with you. Cheerio, Sir Winston.


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