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While cybercriminals are striking all around the world, using similar tactics, we discovered slight variations in their approach for each country.
To learn more about these local differences, we had our security expert Alex Balan talk to local security experts. He asked them each 6 questions about internet security in their country. This month, Alex Balan, Head of Product Management BullGuard, interviewed Merijn Gelens, Chief Editor of PC Magazine in Belgium. Here’s how it went: A: How long have you been interested in and writing about online security? When I started working in journalism, I instantly got caught up in computer security and hacking. It was and is my biggest interest. Since 2000, I’ve been testing security software for magazines. A: What questions do your readers have about internet security? “Is it a free or a paying service?” Then they ask: “Which free or paying solution is the least taxing on my system?”. Another question I hear fairly regularly is “Why should I pay for security?”, which usually means the same as the first question. A: "Seeing how everything these days is "cloud based" or "cross platform", do you think the Mobile/Tablet and Desktop/PC security markets will merge into one?" There is a clear trend towards subscription based software. This is something that will certainly benefit the security market, as we’ve been working with one or more year licenses pretty much since the beginning. A: What criteria are the most important when testing security suites? The level of protection, the extra load for the system and the user-friendliness. A: What is the weirdest advice you ever heard about securing data on your PC, smart phone or tablet? Switch to Mac, you’ll be safe. People always seem to forget that there’s more to computer security than malware protection. Do you have a question about internet security? Leave it in the comment section below. A security expert will answer a.s.a.p!

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