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Ahoy matey! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

 Ahoy matey, Winston ‘ere. My, my it has been a while! I’m thrilled to be back, especially because today is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Perhaps you already think I sound like a pirate with my English accent, but I think not.   Did you know that Talk Like a Pirate Day was started by 2 mates in 1995, and that the State of Michigan in the U.S of A, officially recognizes this holiday?! Arrrrrgh... What’s really got me saying Arrrrgh these days, is the fact that the U.K has just reached 9 million cybercrime victims. That is a shocking statistic if I’ve ever heard are some more interesting ones:
  • If you’re over 55, the chances of you getting hit by a cyber crime are much slimmer, at least there’s something for us all to look forward to.
  • If you’re 18-24, at least a quarter of you have experienced cyber crime already
  • 2.3% of the population have reportedly lost +10,000 to online fraud
  • Identity theft accounts for 1.7 billion in online scams

You should look after your personal and financial information mate!

What’s clear is that the social media revolution has changed the way cyber criminals operate. They now impact almost everyone, and for those that do suffer from an attack, the financial damage can be massive. That being said, it’s important that you change the way you protect your personal and financial information, as well as your devices. BullGuard can help you do just that, check out our products for smartphones, computers, we’ll help you protect and monitor your children, keep an eye on your social media accounts all while blocking the usual viruses, bugs and scams. Get BullGuard today, and never say Arrrrrgh at your computer again! Cheerio, Sir Winston. Paw

Written by Sir Winston

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  • pamela corrigan

    25 Jun 2014, 03:23

    Why can't I get any of Winston's games any more???

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