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It can be tough parenting kids in the social media age. You want them to have the freedom to explore and learn but you’re also aware of the potential online threats they face. How do you protect them while also allowing them to have fun?
Social media can be a positive, enhancing and affirming medium for young children. They can stay connected with friends and family, learn a range of technical skills and establish digital relationships with children from other countries, broadening their outlook and understanding of the world. But there is a dark side that anxious parents are only too familiar with. Cyber bullying is perhaps the most high profile and it can lead to depression and anxiety for the victim. The anonymous distance of social media is a lightning rod for bullies, it gives them a sense of safety and detachment, and they can’t see the consequences of their actions.

What can happen if you don’t use Facebook protection for your children?

But for those who are bullied it can be traumatic and undermining of self belief which is often precarious at a young age. Sadly, there have been instances where the levels of distress caused by cyber bullying can lead to suicidal thoughts. And in some cases young people have actually been driven to this action. There are also the concerns around ‘sexting’ where inappropriate images are shared across peer groups. Kids in their early teens are by definition immature from a developmental perspective. Some may transmit images of a sexual nature without considering how widely it might be shared. Or sometimes images may be transmitted to cause distress.

Monitor children’s Facebook accounts with BullGuard Identity Protection

That said, social media is essentially a fun thing and kids generally love it for all the right reasons.  But as a parent you have to stay on your guard. You don’t know whether that ‘friend’ who has suddenly appeared in your child’s group is really a friend or some kind of predator. Perhaps something about their comments doesn’t ring true. BullGuard Identity Protection can help. It’s a unique web-based product that provides discreet and unobtrusive parental controls for kid’s Facebook usage. It provides flags for the parameters you set such as inappropriate content, new friends who may be suspicious or less than salubrious images. It provides parents with the tools to discreetly monitor their kid’s Facebook activities helping them watch out of for posts or messages that aren’t friendly. It can also alert parents to new friends who aren’t perhaps who they claim to be. BullGuard Identity Protection is a web-based product so there are no software downloads and it can be accessed from laptops, smartphones, tablets and traditional desktop PCs.  It provides a simple to use dashboard and also one for your children that alerts them to malicious links so they don’t click on something nasty. In short, it’s an all round Facebook protection product that lets your kids have fun and allows them to grow and develop in safety, while giving parents much-needed peace of mind. 

Written by Steve Bell

Steve has a background in IT and business journalism and has written extensively for both the UK national and trade press including The Guardian, Independent-on-Sunday, The Times, The Register, MicroScope and Computer Weekly. He's also worked for most of the world's largest IT companies producing content producing. He has a particular focus on IT security and has produced several magazines in this area.

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