Parental control for social media
BullGuard Internet Protection allows parents to keep abreast of their children’s social media activity and flag up behaviour that might lead to negative consequences. If you’re looking for Facebook protection and parental controls then this is the product for you.Read on to find out more…
BullGuard Identity Protection is a new product that provides Social Media -  Facebook protection for children. It monitors Facebook accounts, checking for certain phrases sent or received, malicious or problem web site links, and even photographs that may be suspect.

How does Facebook Parental control work?

Parents can access the content from a web browser using an online dashboard and it also notices who is ‘friending’ who, enabling a parent to spot potential abusers or suspicious characters. The system monitors accounts rather than a particular computer so it keeps an eye on activity regardless of which device is being used.  And if anything untoward appears, it’s flagged up so parents are always up-to-speed with what their kids are doing on Facebook and are able to step in if necessary. The introduction of BullGuard Identity Protection is timely. One in five children have been bullied online and there is increasing concern about what children and young people are being exposed to. Facebook has about one billion members. That’s about one-sixth of the human race.  And half of them log in every day.

I trust my children, but is it enough to protect them on Facebook?

Children generally use social media in a positive way. Relatively recent research revealed they benefit enormously from social media. They connect with people, learn about others from different backgrounds, enhance creativity by sharing projects with friends, and expand ideas by creating blogs and so on. Hanging out on social networking websites has become a major way for youngsters to build social relationships. Through social media, they are developing a sense of who they are and where they fit into their community and the world. However, at the same time children have a limited capacity for self regulation and are also susceptible to peer pressure.  As such some are at risk as they use Facebook.  Given that offline behaviour such as bullying and forming cliques are now clearly evident online, there is a real danger that some young social media users are vulnerable to online predators and bullies. As a parent, it’s a real worry.  You can’t talk to a school teacher or the parent’s of your child’s friends – you have to trust what your child is doing and hope that they’re not being exposed to something that is detrimental. Luckily, parental control can be set up to fully protect your children. BullGuard helps safeguard against cyber bullying and predatory online behaviour. In short, it delivers comprehensive Facebook protection to keep kids safe and parents reassured that their children are safeguarded.