Have you heard about the Privacy Paradox? As we share more and more information with each other on Facebook, a privacy paradox has evolved. Before we get into it, take a minute to consider what you have chosen to share with all Facebook users and the World Wide Web within your Facebook profile. Did you realize that personal information such as birth date, address, full name, schools, family members etc can all be used against you? Sure when you think about it rationally like that, it make sense, but there is in fact a massive discrepancy between concerns around privacy, and the actual information people choose to share, as well as their account settings. The majority of Facebook users have never updated their profile off of the default privacy settings.

Teenagers – the least worried about privacy issues

Studies have shown that teenagers are the least concerned about their privacy settings, and unlike generations before them they do not consider their age, political affiliation, income or sexual preference to be private. Instead, the idea of privacy has evolved for them to mean they have control over what they share with who.

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