Facebook ASDA free £500 voucher is a SCAMA Christmas scam has emerged that tries to tempt users with a free £500 voucher for ASDA. It’s a Facebook-based plot that asks users to visit another web page in order to claim the voucher. No doubt, if users visit the web page they’ll unwittingly end up with some kind of nasty malware on their machine.   If you’re running BullGuard you would have got a warning that the web page wasn’t safe. If you’re not using it you can get a free antivirus trial here.

Smart ASDA Facebook Scam

The scam is a bit clever in that it features a number counter that shows how many vouchers are left, typically about a hundred and something. It was 486 when we had a look and then 168. The number is not large enough to make someone sit back and think they’ve got time or small enough to think it would be pointless because all of the vouchers have gone. It’s just the right size to get someone rushing into making a bid for a free £500.

The ASDA scam - up-close

It’s not the first time we’ve seen an ASDA related scam but this time the hackers grasp of the English language is improving.  Last time they managed to spell ADSA rather than ASDA. There are no other spelling mistakes either, which is a little unusual. However, the hackers have got their grammatical tenses wrong. The scam says:  ‘If you did not get redirected automatically...’.  It should say ‘If you do not get redirected...’

ASDA posted on its Facebook page warning about the scam

ASDA is a mammoth, mega-bucks, UK-based business which has a reputation for offering price-busting deals.  It can easily afford to employ marketing agencies that have a very good grasp of the English language. The real ASDA also posted on its Facebook page warning about the scam. No doubt there will be more of these ‘Christmas’ attempts to extract information or plant malware. A little common sense should be the watchword. Even ASDA, wouldn’t give £500 away to many people without some good reason. If it was, for example, offering the vouchers to 500 people that would be a cool £250,000.  Not likely. Promotions and discounts yes, but giving money away? BullGuard clearly offers robust online protection against these types of scams.