Have you heard of the Password Management Paradox? Does your company make you change your password every 30 to 60 days, leaving you constantly forgetting what your password is? If you nodded yes to that question, you have found yourself in the Password Management Paradox. The idea behind it being, the more passwords we have to remember, actually decreases security; either you’ll ignore the requests to update your password, or you’re constantly on the phone with IT resetting your lost passwords.  

3 tips to defend your corporate and personal data against cyber criminals

  1. Never use the same password for more than one site. We know this makes it complicated, but if you’re using the same password and your email account is hacked, that means your bank account and other key access points are also at risk.
  2. Consider using phrases for passwords, these are more complicated to hack and easier to remember. Or use the first letter of each word, i.e “I love BullGuard” aka ILBG
  3. Look into password managers, programs like Lastpass can help you keep track of each password. The program is secured with a password, which means there’s really only one password you need to remember to access all of your others.
Be smart about your passwords. Never use anything obvious and never tell anyone your password. Keep those cyber criminals on their toes and diversify your password management.