A comprehensive survey of children’s mobile usage reveals that parents are finding it difficult to keep ahead of their children’s surfing habits and harbour concerns about the dangers kids face particularly around stranger danger and cyber bullying. It may be cold comfort but those parents who have found inappropriate content on their child’s mobile device are not alone. A BullGuard survey of 2,000 parents with children between the ages of 7 and 14 revealed that one in seven parents had discovered something unsuitable on their kid’s smartphone or tablet.   The survey on mobile usage revealed just how concerned parents are and also at the same time how they sometimes feel powerless. For instance, stranger danger is the #1 concern with parents expressing understandable anxiety about their children being ‘courted’ by people they don’t know.

Difficult to keep up

Bullying also figures quite high and many parents also understandably think their kids will become distracted away from their schoolwork. While 83% of parents accept they have the responsibility for protecting their children online, 70% took the view that their child’s natural curiosity makes it difficult for parents to keep up to speed with their online activities. 54% of parents said they take a proactive approach and actually attempt to control their child’s online activity and speak to their children regularly about the potential dangers that lurk in the dark corners of the internet.

Concerns… and reprimands

Nearly 1/2 of respondents revealed that they have been concerned about various search terms found in their child’s internet history. In fact 1/3 of mothers and fathers have been moved to reprimand their children for searching for inappropriate content, with 22% sitting their child down for a serious conversation about something they have found on a device. But only 14% keep tabs on who their friends are on social networking sites, and 33% said they only rarely or never check which websites the kids are visiting.

Safe and secure

It’s not easy to keep a close eye on what children do online, and clearly there’s an element of trust in their surfing habits. After all, the internet is a genuinely useful, interesting and educational tool that potentially offers great benefits to children. However, it’s clearly important that the younger the child the greater the emphasis on a providing them with a safe and secure online environment. This is where mobile security software can be extremely helpful. It allows parents to choose what sites are safe to visit, to view their child’s activity and receive alerts if inappropriate content is detected. It offers significant peace of mind and gives parents a helping hand in staying one step ahead of the potential dangers.