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Internet SecurityIndependent software lab AV Comparatives gives BullGuard antivirus pole position in a ‘Retrospective/Proactive’ test. It’s good news for BullGuard and even better news for BullGuard customers. BullGuard has been awarded an Advanced+ award from AV Comparatives for BullGuard Internet Security. The award recognised the behavioural detection features of BullGuard Internet Security in proactively detecting new and emerging malware.  It also applies to BullGuard Antivirus protection.     AV Comparatives is an independent, not-for-profit software lab that carries our rigorous and sophisticated testing on security software. It’s widely respected in the industry for its depth and breadth of knowledge. Traditional antivirus depends on what is known as signature-based detection. This means that every virus has a known signature, a unique string of code, and when a known virus attempts to penetrate a computer it is identified and stopped. It’s a crude analogy, but it’s akin to a mugshot used by law enforcement to identify villains. Advanced detection, such as that used in BullGuard Internet Security combines signature-based detection with behavioural-based detection. Behavioural-based detection identifies malware that has not previously been detected and has no known signature. It works by carrying out a piece-by-piece examination of a programme that is trying to access a computer. It looks for a sequence or sequences of instructions that differ from normal and known programmes and as such is able to identify new forms of malware. The AV Comparatives Advanced + award confers top ranking for BullGuard’s behavioural protection and builds on a raft of similar awards received in 2013 including AV Comparative Advanced + 2013, Top Ten Reviews Gold Award 2013, Computer Buyer Best Buy and a lot more. Clearly, for BullGuard customers it’s also confirmation that they’re not only benefiting from industry-leading protection but they’re using security software that consistently achieves high awards for its malware detection capabilities. In an online world, where new malware surfaces every day, the best protection possible is absolutely essential.
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