BullGuard BullGuard’s CEO, Nedko Ivanov, has been awarded winner status in Finance Monthly’s 2014 CEO award. It reflects extremely positively on the company, its staff and its products. From the customer perspective, it’s also a glowing endorsement because it means they’re using some of the best security software on the market. The Finance Monthly accolade is a testament to the work Ivanov has put into developing the BullGuard product portfolio, and the business.   Today, BullGuard is a company that provides award winning products including some of the best antivirus protection on the market, and one that addresses the current and future needs of customers. For example, Ivanov drove the acquisition of NovaShield, a specialist behavioural detection developer that had created advanced patented anti-malware technology which works in tandem with traditional signature-based detection. Behavioural detection provides layered protection halting known viruses and zero-day attacks, a dangerous form of attack that exploits previously undetected vulnerabilities. He brought this technology into BullGuard to provide customers with the most comprehensive protection available against both known malware and emerging and mutating strains of viruses. In the process and with great focus, a sustainable and highly profitable business has been created. Financially, the company has turned around; in 2012, the year after Ivanov took the helm, BullGuard reported an operating profit for the first time in its history of £2.4m, compared to a £2.9m loss in the preceding year. In terms of e-commerce growth the company has seen 34% year on year growth in 2013 and 47% year on year growth in 2014. A substantial proportion of this profit is being reinvested back into the business and BullGuard is seeking to make further acquisitions to grow the business even further and bring new and exciting products into the portfolio in the near future. One of Ivanov’s priorities has been to focus on the core management team and in doing so has brought in Mike Hodges as COO, Cam Le as CMO, George McDevitt as CFO and Steve Hicks as a Head of Global Sales. In practice, these sweeping management changes have created a dedicated and experienced management team whose primary purpose is to grow and strengthen the business and nurture its employees. With 650,000 paying customers and growing, and one of the industry’s best renewal rates, the efficacy of BullGuard products is clear. The company is now well placed to further develop its core markets in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Western Europe, the US and Australia, making full use of its database of 12 million contactable consumers. Offline sales also continue to develop, with growing coverage in the US and Canada. All of these factors contributed to the Finance Monthly award and it’s safe to say winning the award was no easy task. Finance Monthly only makes these awards following painstaking research drawing on the views of thousands of stakeholders including investors, analysts, employees and media professionals from all over the world.