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How to tell if your cell phone is tracked, tapped or monitored by spy software

There’s some very powerful spy software available for snooping on mobile phones. But nobody would spy on you would they? Well, bugging happens at all sorts of levels from political worthies to anonymous everyday people. If you find your mobile phone chewing through battery life or your data usage rockets skywards, these could be signs of snooping. And if not read on to become acquainted with snooping clues, in this age of mass surveillance they could be very useful.

Why would someone want to spy on me? It’s a question that is asked a lot especially by people who have been spied on. Well, maybe you have information that someone else wants. If you’re in business it could be details about sales strategies, new product development and so on. It could be to find out whether an affair is taking place or it could be related to a court case.

But if you’ve never spied on anyone, the concept of you being spied upon will probably seem outlandish and ludicrous. But for some people spying on others is a way of life and in this technology and mobile age it’s a lot easier than it ever used to be. If your phone has been handled by someone else, for instance during repairs or for some other reason, a backdoor application could have been installed to piggyback your GPS service or spy software could have been installed on your mobile device.

But don’t take our word for it, there’s a large, legitimate and thriving industry solely dedicated to snooping on others via spy software. And some of this software is very powerful indeed. But it’s not so powerful that you can’t see the clues if you know what you’re looking for.

How to tell if your cell phone is being spied on

There are several tell-tale signs that suggest your phone is being tracked, tapped or monitored in some way. The signs can be quite subtle but when you know what to look out for, they can also be glaring:

  • Unusual sounds during calls

If there are clicking sounds, static or distant voices coming through your phone during conversations it could be a sign that you’re being snooped on. This is not normal for today’s phones on digital networks. It’s a thing of the past and associated with old-style analogue networks. If you are hearing fragmentary voices, they may not be in your head; it’s a possibility that your phone has been tapped.

  • Decreased battery capacity

Another indication of a bugged cell phone is reduced battery performance. If a mobile phone is tapped it is recording your activities and transmitting them to a third party. This leaves a footprint in the form of increased battery usage and as a result the battery loses life faster. A tapped cell phone can also be constantly recording conversations in the room, even when the phone appears to be idle. And of course as a result it will chew through battery life. You can test this by using your battery in another phone of the same model and compare the results. Is your phone using more battery power than a phone of the same model and software? If so, it could be that your phone is bugged, or it’s defective in some way.

  • Phone shows activity when not in use

Is your phone making noises or lighting up its screen when you’re not using it? Call and message alerts to one side your phone should be as silent as a sleeping baby when not in use. Does it also reboot for no reason at all? If so it’s possible that someone has remote access to your device.

  • Phone takes a long time to shut down

Before a smart phone shuts down it must complete any tasks that are processing. If your phone is transmitting data to someone it will have to complete the process before it shuts down. As a result if a phone takes longer than usual to turn off especially after a call, text, email or web browsing it could be sending information to a third party.

  • Battery temperature feels warm

A further indicator of a possible phone tap is the temperature of your battery. If the phone feels warm even when you haven’t used your phone it could be still in use secretly transmitting data. However this is only a potential sign.

  • Receiving unusual texts

Are you receiving strange text messages containing random numbers, symbols or characters? The remote control feature of spy software works by sending secret coded text messages to your phone and in some cases these can be seen if the software is not working correctly. If this happens regularly you could have a spy app on your phone.

  • Increased data usage

Some of the less reliable spy apps use extra data to send the information collected from your phone, so look out for any unexplained increase in your monthly data usage. The best spy software programs data usage has been reduced and will be almost impossible to spot but the poor programs will show significant data use.

How to find spy software on your phone (Android and iOS)


It’s possible to find spy software on an Android by looking inside the files on the phone. Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications or Running Services, and you may be able to spot suspicious looking files. Good spy programs usually disguise the file names so that they don’t stand out but sometimes they may contain terms like spy, monitor, stealth and so on. Some of the poorer quality software programs are still quite easy to spot.

Don’t worry, if you are only looking for confirmation of spy software you won’t do any damage to the phone, but it’s probably best not to remove or delete any files unless you really know what you are doing. And if you do find suspicious software it’s a good idea to take your device to someone who does know what they are doing.

BullGuard protects your mobile devices from spies



Generally, if you have an iPhone and someone wants to install spy software they have to jailbreak the phone first. That said vulnerabilities have been discovered in the past that allowed someone with access to a network used by the device to download significant amounts of personal data. These holes have been patched but you can never be too certain about new vulnerabilities emerging.

Sometimes you might find software on your iPhone that you don’t remember downloading. You can check the Apple store and see if that software is available and if not then it’s likely your phone has been jail broken.

Looking deeper inside the iPhone directories is more difficult than with Android but there is an easy way to remove spy software from the iPhone. Simply upgrade to the latest OS version via iTunes which will remove the jailbreak and any external software not from Apple. But make sure to back up any important data on your phone before you do this.

Factory resets

Resetting your phone to its factory settings, whether Android or iPhone, will remove any spy software, but again be sure to back up your data such as contacts, photos and music or you will lose them.

If you do take this approach then you will also need a strong passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your device in the future. For Android devices, you can also install an app, like AppNotifier that will email you when programs are loaded onto your phone, giving you a heads up if someone is trying to do something they shouldn’t.

Did you just discovered that someone is spying on you?

It can be a shock to discover that someone is monitoring you with spy software.  Most targets of spy software aren’t even aware that this kind of software exists much less that someone would want to snoop on them. It may not be personal perhaps it’s for business reasons. It may be personal, perhaps there’s an abusive ex-partner on your trail who just won’t let go. But if you’ve detected any of the behaviours above perhaps you’re already suspicious. And if you have spotted unusual behaviours on your phone it’s at least worth checking out and remembering that there is lots of very power and easy to use spy software out there.

Written by Steve Bell

Steve has a background in IT and business journalism and has written extensively for both the UK national and trade press including The Guardian, Independent-on-Sunday, The Times, The Register, MicroScope and Computer Weekly. He's also worked for most of the world's largest IT companies producing content producing. He has a particular focus on IT security and has produced several magazines in this area.

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  • A

    17 Jul 2017, 20:05

    Hello, I having this kind of problem, someone is claiming that can read my texts, whatsapp and menssager before I do. Its said that the message goes first to their phone before mine. I would like to know how if this is even posible and if it is how can I fix it.
  • m

    14 Jul 2017, 21:40

    my boyfriend is constantly repeating my texts to me even though i know he doesnt see them from my phone directly. Id like to know too.
  • Please help!!

    11 Jul 2017, 19:17

    I have a problem because every time I try to open a website that's important it said Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found. It almost always does that and I have no idea why. My husband and me are on the verge of divorce and I have found all these weird files on the phone one of them was a code and it said hello world and it was a coding file and it was happening on both phones and then I also discovered one time that he had a different forwarding number on his phone and when I called his regular number he could answer it but when i actuallly discovered it and took it off it said his phone was no longer in service?? Why would he have a different forwarding number and why was his regular number not working anymore when I discovered it and took it off the phone?? I don't understand I read that that's how they can listen to your conversations and my phone was acting weird too I voildnt open any websites either and it was freezing all the time and when I would talk on it I could barely hear the other person on the other end. And it just started happening my phone was fine before. And on his phone iOS iPhone when you go under regulatory it's not like on a normal IPhone it doesn't stop at Europe it goes on to Japan ,Australia/New Zeland,Singapore, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Malasysia, Taiwan,Brazil, Columbia, South Africa,Costa Rica, Argentina, Samoa, Philippines? And every one of them has a company name and a number or a code. Which is weird I never have seen it on any other iPhone! Also I have been on his phone and seen that he was under a ICANN WHOIS ORGANIZATION. And he had a different domain name for an up adrenaline for third party's. I just want to know what the bell is going on. I finally purchased a new iPhone locked it and it works fine I can go to all of the websites and it's completely different. Can someone please help and tell me if he bigger my phone and his mom went to Cupertino Ca idk why I'm guessing because she wanted phone information because he and her were trying to take my children away from me because his mother lives in another state and the kids are with me and him in ny and she is in Oklahoma and she was threatening me that she was going to buy a house here and have her son and my kids love w her and also she said I'm doing this online thing I just started and she also said I'm looking into adopting children with bad mothers. And I'm definitely not a bad mom and told her that and said I wish her all the best and I said I didn't know your son was unhappy but I guess you turned him against me my own husband and I said that's fine but I just want to let you know as far as my kids go you will never ever get them! Ever since then all this phone stuff was happening and she even went to California and I went online and she can file adoption papers there for any state so I'm worried that's where she went. Does anyone know what the ICANN WHOIS ORGANIZATION IS AND WHY SHE HOT A FOMAIN NAME AND HAD HER OWN WEBSITE? Was it to monitor me?? Anyways I'm scared can anyone shed some light on this??
  • dennis

    17 May 2017, 05:31

    Im kinda in a situation. Unlike many that uve heard im haveing problems with a gang that are stalking me an i know there inmy phone tracking listening all of it i know what lady did it but im very illiterate. To phones an comp i know how its done what to look for as how phone acts but where to find it stop it ive even bought a new phone an they still got in its to the point i cant have a phone or call anyone without people kbowing everything tried moveing an they find me an this nightmare. Continues im asking please help me find the petson or persons behind this an to get this out my phone so i can prosecute or get in there phones whatever it takes for this to stop over a year now an its makeing me very physically an mentally draining. This is real an horrible. If any one can help with any knowledge. In dummy terms please lol
  • Stressed

    16 May 2017, 02:48

    Hi, I have a exhusband that claims he can send a text to my phone and when I open it , or something to that effect he can see all of my text messages.
    Is there some prom gram I can buy or download that will not all allow him to see my private messages? Help please, its very scary!
  • CeceBliss

    15 May 2017, 06:33

    Dear Paula Hodge,
    My name is CeCe..
    I was wondering if you ever had an answer to the question that you posted regarding having a secure phone Jan 14,2016 after reading Steve Bells article about Cell Phone Spys?..Possibly by Legal Groups?!?

    Thank you very very much!
  • coco

    21 Apr 2017, 15:52

  • Jennifer

    6 Apr 2017, 06:55

    Hello, my iPhone 7 plus I got on Sept 18, 3016 was hacked on Oct 1st st 1:43pm thru an iMessage I received from a friend I lost control of my phone at that time & after they were done showing me they had access to my account I looked at my text messages prior to the hack I only had text messages from the date I purchased the phone on Sept 18, 3016 after the hack I had messages prior to that date & they were rewritten text not what I had typed & I compared it with my old iPhone & the texts did not someone went thru the trouble to rewrite text messages & I have factory reset my iPhone 5 times & changed my username & password & they still had access to my phone & my emails got hacked I noticed in my sent emails & inbox & they were distorted...for example my old employer who was a lawyer his email address was on an email sent from my veterinary clinic for my dogs as the body of the email...I will make calls & it will say you are unable to make this call b/c you are not allowed from your service provider & I made that same phone call to that specific person 5 min previous & in the past that lasted an hour until I telephoned my cellphone provider they said I had no restrictions on calls & after an hour of trying I was able to get thru...also my texts do not send at times they don't calls would drop battery would die fast & phone would get hot...when I work try to type FB for Facebook it would always automatically auto correct my to FBI...I tried calling Apple Support & also my cellphone provider & my calls were intercepted not to the companies someone else picked up the phone pretending to be those two companies b/c they did not ask me my security questions & when I was put on hold there was no music & lastly when I was asked to be transferred to a supervisor instead of transferring me as usual they took my name & number down & I have contacted both companies serval times in the past & they always direct me to a supervisor...also my Facebook has been hacked my app is on my phone & they added new friends I am choosie who I add so I had to edit that but on my Facebook messanger there are times when conversations I have with people are missing & it's not one person it's many...I was having a conversation with someone the other day & while having the conversation I noticed part of our conversation missing & I looked further back as I was messaging this person & there were holes of previous conversations missing so I immediately got off...I went thru each of my conversations on messanger & noticed there were holes in all the conversations I had with all these people & I checked my messanger 2 days later all my messages reappeared...also on my messanger I noticed older messages of people I don't talk to no longer we are not friends or I was blocked it said my Facebook name instead of Facebook username not available or on some of them my friends names & it was on 19 accounts (I contacted a company on my b/c my MacBook Pro was hacked too & they fixed my messages on my Facebook on my computer the 19 places where it said my Facebook name said either my friends name again of Facebook user not available)...I also was getting all kind of telemarketing calls on my phone & I never did prior to the hack & I even added my cell number to the do not call list nothing battery was also running low & I was living on an island when all this happened & when I got back to the states I went to the Apple Store they gave me a new iPhone & I made a new username & password did not use my backup to start clean & I got a new SIM card & also a new phone number...they manually transferred my contacts & my photos but for some reason in transferring my photos manually I had photos on there that were not on my previous iPhone 7 plus but saved on my iCloud & I did not log into the iPhone with my with my previous iCloud username & password...on the new phone I was still having problems making calls it would not allow me to make calls it would ring & go to a busy signal, when I am on a phone call I hear echoing & noises & I was on the phone with someone & all of a sudden during our 20 min telephone conversation i got a recording that all circuits are busy & I called the other person back & asked them if Greg received the same message & they said no their end of the phone just went silent...also I get a lot of dropped calls & sometimes when I am in a call it Facebook messages on messanger still have holes in it sometimes on all my conversations & then I go back on the next day & they are all takes time to turn off my phone & also on it won't go on for a long time after I press the button...I was on a job sits on an app & it logged me out & my password was changed by someone while I was on the app so I got logged out of the app I tried to sign in again it said my password was wrong so who ever is in my phone change it & I had to reset it & on my resume they changed my email address on my resume I noticed I have adobe saved on my phone that is where my resume is saved...also my emails have been transferred from one email account to another some of my yahoo email is in my iCloud email & I did not move them & I have no idea how to move them from one email account to another without forwarding them & they are not forwarded...also I am not receiving emails from my physician's office & they sent it to all 3 of my email accounts ' I did not receive it so I had them send it to my sister's email she received it & she emailed it to me & I received it & I registered with a user and & password & when I went to log in a few minutes later it said wrong username & I just did it so I had to reset it since it went to my sister's email she tried to send me the link & I did not receive the email from her either showing my username & do I texted her & she texted me the username & it was not the one I originally signed up with within the few minutes of me activating my account for my physician's office someone changed my username while I was in the process of registering...also I am not receiving text messages from my physician for my upcoming appointments also I am not receiving texts from my pharmacy saying I need to refill my medication or my medication is ready for pickup like I previously did...also when I am typing in my phone I have to be careful b/c someone is changing letters in my words or my words all together & sometimes as I am typing a word I did not type appears & battery dies fast it'sva new Iphone...when I call someone it shows the name or number dialing & as it dials it says dir assist...I was told on the island where I previously lived there were FBI agents there & I am wondering if they or another government agency illegally hacked my phone & put spyware on it or cloned it or it's my ex & his friends who are hackers doing this b/c he had my prior phone a lot but I got a new phone even writing this I have been having problems with grammar errors & extra words & I have auto correct privacy has been taken away from me I have done everything I could got a new phone, started from scratch new phone number new sim new iCloud username & password & someone is still in my phone I need help please I have contacted Apple Support they say go to the authorities but I don't know who is doing this to me & also the fraud department of my cellphone carrier & they said nothing is wrong & there is I explained a lot of my issues there is someone in my phone I want them out please help...
  • Morela

    3 Apr 2017, 18:40

    If you know who did it, you can directly demand that person or people. Way much better. It's completely illegal, is a felony.
  • Kim

    1 Apr 2017, 14:20

    I agree, some one should stand up against this. I barely escaped an abusive ex-husband. He had installed spyware and had total control of my phone. He blocked people that could help me. He knew my every move. I didn't know until it was almost too late. I promise, I'm going to do what I can to stop this from happening to anyone else.
  • Kerri Fuller

    20 Mar 2017, 21:12

    If the fbi is waisting tax dollars on regular folks like goofy boring conversations, then someone needs to take a serious look at the govts budget......but we already knew that.....thanks Donald Trump, he is someone that just might get all this foolishness stopped especially for the ones who are wasting our tax dollars. It is called REAL RESEARCH. Dear Lord!
  • Ac

    25 Feb 2017, 17:16

    Pretty sure this is happening to me. Became aware that I am possibly being monitored by the police when I was pulled over for a breath test by the same undercover officer two nights in a row leaving my work. My friend has often said that she hears a strange click when she calls me, my data usage has been quite high in the last couple of months compared to what it usually is at and for some reason even though I have a brand new iPhone 7 the battery drains relatively quick for what I've read about them. Not sure what I may be followed for, I'm a regular person with a job and a partner who's never been in trouble with the law besides two fines for driving offences.
  • Michael D Handy. Jr

    14 Feb 2017, 06:46

    I would like to know if law enforcement is monitoring my phone and is there an app to find that out
  • Michael D Handy. Jr

    14 Feb 2017, 06:42

    I just bought a new phone and battery is draining in an hour or 2 my camera is blinking on messenger during texts and the phone before that turned off and on whenever it wanted too. Have had 3 phones with same number in 6 months and all glitches apply to me with out of state numbers and when i go to answer nothing when i call back it just disconnects me
  • Ethan

    27 Jan 2017, 14:48

    Depends, on earlier versions of ios there are some vunerabilities and because of this a spy software went around, if your on iPhone and you clicked on a suspicious link then theres a chance you might be spied on. Just update your phone and that exploit will be gone. So you could have done it
  • Lex cooper

    23 Jan 2017, 05:07

    I think my phone is tapped maybe by FBI. (since their surveillance van is parked up the street. I hear all the strange sounds, voices, clicking in the background when im on a call, i get lots of calls from weird numbers with all different area codes that leave blank messages on my voicemail, and now and then i get those text messages that looked like a bunch of code with scrambled numbers and symbols. I just need to know how to fix it
  • Pamela Merritt

    18 Jan 2017, 22:09

    My phone is being monitored & I want to be able to prosecute these individuals .. My life has become s living hell .. If one person has hacked my phone can others be able to see my info too if they allowed them to on their phones too
  • Tina

    18 Jan 2017, 13:27

    My phone calls are being tracked on my phone. When I call someone I get a call afterward harassing me or repeating what I say. I know who it is, my neighbor. I see them react to what I say.
  • Dean Scally

    31 Dec 2016, 20:49

    Bad people never break the law..............ugh
  • rach

    14 Nov 2016, 12:51

    Can these be installed remotely? And from app downloads? My battery is beyond screwed and whole phone quits and shutsdown and lights up opens apps etc. I need this horrid crap off my phone!!! Did i do this or did someone else?
  • Rosemary

    16 Apr 2016, 17:01

    It's a felony to spy on someone's cell phone
  • Dick

    8 Apr 2016, 22:24

    Thanks for the article very knowledgeable, I myself am currently going threw a battle with 80% of the stuff you talked about. I have been in some trouble in the past but that was the past. What they are doing is illegal and I want to stand up and prevent this from happening to anyone else in this small town. I don't trust apps you can download,apks,etc. If there is some form of app or apks you do believe in or some thing along those lines please help this really needs to stop. I have seen many hurt from this do to people not standing up.
  • 4 Mar 2016, 23:29

    I believe my cell is being tapped or monitored. I also believe it is my ex-gf
    because she knows detailed conversation from my Facebook inbox
    and text at times. Usually Facebook inbox messager.
    I don't feel good about being tracked like this.

    Help me
    I have an I-phone 6
    And Facebook messages are being tracked and
    used against me
  • Billl

    26 Feb 2016, 01:32

    Happened to my wife and I with her ex husband
  • Mr.Alonzo (a.k.a ZO)Brooks

    25 Feb 2016, 04:11

    I'm going through data loss and WiFi being unlocked and exclamations beside them I'm really in need to remove the spy ware can I get any help you this is so illegal what's happening I am really trying to avoid taking legal actions!!!
  • Anthony

    23 Feb 2016, 21:09

    Thanks for your help.
  • Tshepo

    19 Feb 2016, 01:52

    I think my phone is tapped
    My phone is hot
    Battery doesnt last
    Data doesnt last
  • Joseph Collins

    17 Feb 2016, 11:26

    Thanks to share !!
  • Joseph Collins

    17 Feb 2016, 11:25

    Very Professionally written !!
  • Zania

    12 Feb 2016, 18:38

    I have "" Kyocera'' ,which on certain calls I hear static and faded voices sometime something like a distance radio signal. feeling that my privacy is being Violated Is very uncomfortable one more question wondering should I not use this Brand phone or could you recommend a better model. also how can I find out if My phone tapped I'm hearing all the warnings and I am just a disabled woman who is single. Thanks please help
  • Eladio cosme

    11 Feb 2016, 07:02

    Its been very helpful i se lots of things happening for some time
  • Cynthia

    8 Feb 2016, 12:56

    Thank you very much for this article. After reading it I can safely say my phone does not have spying anything on it. A friend of mine spied on her husband's phone which made me mad but when I found out later she was trying to save his life I totally understand. (Husband had gotten caught up on drugs pretty bad) I'm just saying in some cases it's a good thing.
  • florena Amparo

    7 Feb 2016, 15:02

    Why is it my phone appairing the messages SECRETLY DATA USSED it means somebody
    used my account
  • Tracy Sheehan

    30 Jan 2016, 09:34

    Need to know if a Nic Ross or Samantha Baird is tapping into my phone
  • Rudy

    29 Jan 2016, 07:17

    In my call log, often but randomly my phone displays a very long 14 digit number with my countries area code as dialed. This number changes every time it appears, and randomly appears after I have made a local mobile call. This happens maybe once or twice a week, and not always after dialing the same number. Because the number is different every time it obviously shows as "unsaved" number under dialed numbers in my call log. Could this be software that randomly chooses to record or monitor my phone activity?
  • worried and concerned

    26 Jan 2016, 18:38

    I recent discovered unusual darta loss on my HTC. I'm not tech savvy but have managed to eliminate most explanations. I'm left with the uncomfortable conclusion someone may have "piggy-backed" using up my data! Is it really possible that someone can kind of clone my mobile and use my internet service? It sounds very sci-fi" how can I find out who is doing it and stop it happening? - also, I don't use phone as a router (whatever that is!). Can you please help? Thank you.
  • Spy App

    26 Jan 2016, 12:26

    Thanks for this article. Spying apps can help you in some situations. Sometimes I use such apps for spying on my wife. For example
  • David fletes

    23 Jan 2016, 23:58

    I've got this feeling that I'm traced or somthing cause my phone does all kinds of weird vibreitions and the batt gets really warm
  • Paschal

    17 Jan 2016, 13:17

    Hello Steve, let me have your contact plz. Have a lot to discuss with u on IT Security. Email me:
  • Nikie

    15 Jan 2016, 09:08

    Please if I only knew whi
  • Paula Hodge

    14 Jan 2016, 03:14

    I meant Tapp not Rapp...sorry
  • Paula Hodge

    14 Jan 2016, 03:11

    If the FBI,DEA or even POLICE tapping your phone,I hear that we would never hear them or know.THEY have a lot of schooling to Rapp phones.Do you think there is an app out there for Android etc.that honestly works? If so would you tell us? Do you think the security apps from play store are worthless?Thank you
  • Aaron c loving

    9 Jan 2016, 06:59

    Lets talk
  • Aaron c loving

    9 Jan 2016, 06:57

    I'm in
  • Angela Michele Beavers

    9 Jan 2016, 03:33

    Thanks just what I wanted to know
  • dennis

    9 Jan 2016, 01:30

  • Steven Simmons

    7 Jan 2016, 04:28

    Every thing above you said my phone is doing all of it.
  • Jorge

    3 Jan 2016, 09:05

    Hi sreve what app can i download / install to see if i am being monitored / spyed on ?? Jorge
  • ralp

    2 Jan 2016, 13:45

    Hello, I very been a victuals of some sort of spyware. I've notice all the signs and people at work know things that it was impossible to know. Now I went to metro and got a new account # and phone. I'm noticing my new phone acting strange now. Is it still possible for my new phone to be tapped as well. I think this is so wrong and an ivasion of privacy.what can I do to find out who is behind this and what laws are against this. Thank you.....
  • Linda Wallingford

    1 Jan 2016, 14:41

    My phone is showing a like lighting strike
  • rus

    28 Dec 2015, 13:45

    Hi, Maybe you can help.
    My cell phone security setting (allow unknown sources) has be turn on by itself many times even though I removed the check mark. There seems to be strange apps on my phone. I have removed the apps then they reappear over and over or cleared cachet forced stop and disable certain apps yet there running when I check next. My phone is quite slow at times, delayed when shutting down from time to time very much so. Often logs me off of the internet. Got a download from someone I know, thought I could not open it , then got the same download from a another phone # I dint know. I asked this person (Bill) if they know this strange # that sent me the same download. To my surprise he said he did and was probably because a message he sent was sent to a group. I don't fully trust this person (Bill ) and my phone has acted funny ever since. I see my phone light up for no reason numerous times and yes often my battery needs to be charged a lot, runs out quickly and gets hot from time to time as well the GPS setting gets activated on its own. I know this is a lot but it happened over a 6 month period. I no longer use that phone. Not sure how someone could get physical access to my phone? Oddly after I got a new phone. I got similar text messages SMS downloads from another person (Cal) who told me not to trust (Bill). 9 messages in total from this one person (Cal) strange cus it said there were 12 but there was only 9, all the same and the same text message SMS, multipal times from 5 other phone #'s I have never seen before, again all the same message 27 in total in 3 hours. All with the same download. This person (Cal) said it was an accident that he was sending a pic to someone and by accident hit group, said he was sorry and to delete it. Only 3-4 people have this new number when that happened being such a new phone. I don't know what to think? Just happened two days ago and I still have one SMS text with the download still on my phone I haven't yet erased. I can be more specific about the apps on the phone I don't use any more if that would help. I have never had texts with downloads in the past and its almost the same story repeating it self with different people that know each other but are not friends or so they say. Any advice you have would be appreciated. thanks
  • bee

    25 Dec 2015, 15:40

    Someone tapp my phone so mean
  • bee

    25 Dec 2015, 15:38

    Yes I know it my phone is tapp
  • 22 Dec 2015, 08:57

    My husband well we r separated anyway we were trying to work things out
    In the past he has hacked my own line but I let it go, anyway the times were getting
    Tuff he suggested out of love to buy a phone I fell for it we share location
    He knows all apps I have voice mails coversstions , I assumed he looks at log my phone loss battery a lot and when on phone
    I hear echo sometimes , he has a lot of control over me. Help I moving and he wants me to move in to prove my love
    I'm scared because he is the only person well that's another story how can I stop this he owns the phone.
  • Summer

    16 Dec 2015, 09:55

    So how do you get rid of the bugif they have attached to email or facebook.
  • Tim mcdonald

    13 Dec 2015, 01:16

    Hope it works
  • RB

    10 Dec 2015, 18:08

    Lately I hear someone pressing keys while I am in the middle of conversation and the other party insists it is not them. Additionally, when I am on making a payment I hear them pressing the wrong prompts --- I have stopped making payments over the phone to say the least1 very disturbing!!! How to combat?
  • Brian A. R.

    10 Dec 2015, 07:03

    Would you happen to have any way to spy from an Android to a Iphone 6, The newest model!l Obvious cheating wife but she wont admit to anything! Anything will help. Thanks for your time!
  • cj

    9 Dec 2015, 22:29

    I keep having messages from one tgrwadcgo missing. Could someone track my phone to access a thread from and to a specific number. I changed the name to this number and it still happens. No other texts are ever affected. Help please :-(
  • patricia

    4 Dec 2015, 11:43

    Help!! Net10 is my phone provider. South America still playing technology catchup.
  • patricia

    4 Dec 2015, 11:37

    HELP!!! How do I update my phone. It has rreset restructions.
  • Treehouse

    2 Dec 2015, 16:03

    Info about possible snoper
  • 2 Dec 2015, 03:13

    Is there any apps that can turn the table on a spy and give you some insite?
  • warren hull

    27 Nov 2015, 23:12

    Good heavens
  • warren hull

    27 Nov 2015, 23:11

    High profile corporate health business is making me feel crazy for using a cellphone on the network unknown as to how they do it
  • frank

    18 Oct 2015, 05:02

    Thanks a lot. as you said, i didnt have an idea about this software exists.
    my phone battery always got empty in only one or two hours....
  • 11 Oct 2015, 00:20

    Is my phone being tapped
  • Sue

    30 Sep 2015, 13:43

    Hi. Unfortunately, I have had someone stalking me who at some stage has had access to my iphone. I have updated my ph recently to new ios. Weirdly, my new partners txt msgs keep getting completely wiped from my ph. All my other msgs remain, only msgs sent from my new partner get deleted. Is it possible someone is somehow reading these msgs and able to delete all msgs from my ph?
  • Helen

    26 Sep 2015, 19:58

    I discovered when I called this certain relative of mine on my cell phone a different phone number besides my own would show up on her phone. Come to find out this had been going on a year. I called my phone company. They traced the unidentified number. It was coming from a tablet of some short. The phone company also told me from this tablet no one could call out. Not true. We called the number and we left a message.
  • marycontrary

    28 Aug 2015, 19:01

    when I make a call a signal comes on saying Call Divert Set!
    I never put his on. Strange numbers not available and cut off calls
  • jen

    20 Aug 2015, 13:29

    Thanks for this article, it is therapeutic. You are the one that points out it is just way of life for people who can't stop spying.

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