There are many ways to back up photos and if you’re using an iPhone you don’t have to be restricted to using Apple’s cloud.

You can use Google Drive which is always a useful option; it allows you free up storage on your phone and having a least one back up of your photos. It safeguards against loss or theft of your iPhone.

If you’ve heard of Dropbox, or Google Drive they are almost exactly the same. You can store images as well as other files on Google Drive, and manage them via the free Google Drive app or via any web browser.

However, an advantage the Google Drive has over Dropbox is the integration with Google apps such as Google+, Google Docs and importantly Gmail. If you don’t use Gmail or Google Docs this will be irrelevant but if you do it can be extremely useful. For example, you can easily share your files/photos across these services with friends and colleagues.

You can use Google Drive to organize your photos into custom folders and sub-folders to create a bespoke storage platform. Google Drive also offers a free 15GB of storage compared to about to 2GB with Dropbox.

Use Google Drive’s app to backup up your iPhone photos

Using Google Drive to back up iPhone photos is extremely simple thanks to a mobile app for iOS which was released earlier this year.

  • Download the Google Drive app for iOS from the iTunes store
  • To turn on auto backup for photos in Google Drive, go to Settings
  • Tap on Photos
  • Tap the toggle switch to turn on Auto Backup.

You can choose whether your photo (and video) uploads are done via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. You can choose Wi-Fi only if you prefer.

You can also perform full-size backups of your photos.

If you already have photos stored on Google+ there is a photo folder that lets you view them.

And if this is the case then you probably already using Google+ for iOS then you already have the ability to back up your iPhone photos to a Google photo album.

But the Google Drive app for iOS gives you much more storage capacity and the ability to access your photos from anywhere via any device as long as it has a browser – and which device doesn’t today?