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SECURITY ALERT: One Million Decrypted Gmail, Yahoo and Netflix Accounts For Sale On The Dark Web

It’s not unusual to find email accounts for sale on the dark web, but up to one million email accounts with decrypted passwords have recently been discovered.
It has been claimed that the hacked accounts came from earlier breaches and are being offered for sale by a vendor called SunTzu583.

Here’s the Breakdown on Hacked Gmail and Yahoo Accounts:

The question hanging in the balance is whether or not these stolen accounts pose a threat for the owners? Although the data is old and was stolen during a number of earlier breaches, it is still available in clear text format and is being offered for sale in one place.
This means that even if 95 percent of the data is redundant (e.g. because the account owners changed their passwords or the accounts were shut down), there could still well be a substantial number of accounts that are active.
For example, when the Xbox360 ISO breach happened in 2015, account owners were encouraged to change their passwords, however, the law of averages suggests that there will be a significant number who didn’t.
If any of the data breaches listed above rings a bell and you think your Yahoo or Gmail account might have been compromised, now is the time to change your password if you haven’t already.
The 450,000 Gmail accounts are being sold for a mere $25. If a buyer finds only 1,000 accounts that are still active, it’s a lucrative investment for them --  using the accounts to carry out fraud could generate a thousand times their investment.

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Netflix Accounts for Sale

The same seller, SunTzu583, also has Netflix accounts for sale on the dark web trading platform, Hansa. In the listing details SunTzu583m, says:
“Selling 50 to 10,000 Netflix Accounts at a Time for Reselling Or any Other Purpose. All Accounts will be checked before giving and will work a 100% before sold to you. Prices: 50 Accounts for 15 dollar, 100 Accounts for 25 dollar, etc.... (The more you buy the cheaper they get)”
These Netflix accounts are believed to have been put up for sale fairly recently according to buyer’s feedback - dated as the last few weeks in February 2017, although a breach did take place late last year.
In his profile, SunTzu583 explains that he trades in all things electronic, including databases, and that he is offering Netflix accounts for sale in bulk quantities.

The Need For Tough Passwords

Clearly, we should all know by now that many organizations are simply not good at protecting our data as the above breaches illustrate.
This places the onus on us to use strong passwords that are difficult, if not impossible, to crack. One of the unstated implications in the above breaches is that the passwords were easy to hack.
If you create a password that has about ten characters composed of upper and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers it will be very difficult for anyone to obtain access.
If you want to know how to create a strong password to prevent this happening to you and, of course, is easy to remember then click here.

Has your account been compromised?

You can check whether your email address has been breached by going to the following web site:
Simply enter your email address and find out whether your account has been compromised or not.
Filed under: Security Alert

Written by Steve Bell

Steve has a background in IT and business journalism and has written extensively for both the UK national and trade press including The Guardian, Independent-on-Sunday, The Times, The Register, MicroScope and Computer Weekly. He's also worked for most of the world's largest IT companies producing content producing. He has a particular focus on IT security and has produced several magazines in this area.

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  • Derek Mills

    24 Apr 2017, 10:57

    I am concerned about the security of my email. Thank you for providing this check. About a week ago I spotted an email from you saying that you would take my annual subscription in 11 days time but, when I went back to it, it had disappeared. You took my annual subscription in December! That, however was after I had gone through your procedure to cancel my account. Would you now be so good as to cancel my payments as from next December and make sure that nothing is debited to my account in the meantime.
  • john shannon

    6 Apr 2017, 15:27

    how do i know this isn't a con to get my details?
  • Molly Mac Killican

    6 Apr 2017, 11:17

    Is my email one of them
  • brown

    30 Mar 2017, 13:51

    is this for real?
  • Noreen Staunton

    29 Mar 2017, 22:07

    Is my account on the Dark Web ?
  • Noreen Staunton

    29 Mar 2017, 22:04

    Has my account been comprimised .
  • John Bailey

    29 Mar 2017, 11:32

    I have tried to see if my account has been compromised by visiting I cannot get on the site as I get a message that tells me the site cannot provide a secure connection.
    Have you any suggestions as to what I should do?
  • Sheelagh Every-brown

    28 Mar 2017, 15:21

    Have I been hacked
  • Gracie Collier

    27 Mar 2017, 18:10

    Has it
  • Marilda

    17 Mar 2017, 03:43

    Very good,..

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