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How to Create Strong and Easy to Remember Passwords

Here at BullGuard we provide all kinds of award winning software to help protect your computers and phones and personal data, but it all really starts with one word…your password.

How Strong is YOUR Password? Can you REMEMBER your password?

Here are a couple tips to help you come up with the most memorable password, one you’ll never forget!

  • Don’t overcomplicate it, you won’t remember it
  • Don’t use something obviously personal like your birthday, or some other factoid that hackers can easily find out about you online
  • Don’t tell anyone your password or write it down
  • Don’t have the same password for everything. If you get hacked, they can now access everything

  • Create a long password. 12-16 characters is ideal 
  • Mix in some numbers, symbols and uppercase letters 
  • Consider using a phrase, you may be allowed spaces in your password, so craft a short sentence – this would be easier to remember 
  • Change your passwords regularly 


If all else fails, be sure to back-up your computer regularly and use a password generator like Simple Strong Password Generator.

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