In the physical world there are certain safety steps that we take as a matter of course, such as locking our front door, not blindly stepping into a road of thundering traffic or making sure the children don’t run off with wild-eyed strangers.

Adopting the same reflexive actions in the cyber world should also be equally instinctive given that so much of our lives play out online, whether it’s paying bills, shopping or accessing entertainment.

But for many people online safety doesn’t come too naturally because the cyber world is still a rapidly evolving environment and the security implications of each new innovation can be difficult to grasp.

These factors inform BullGuard’s development of security software and also the partnerships we strike up.

The bottom line is that we do all we can to ensure our customers have the best security possible designed to address the latest threat vectors.

This is why we make five top recommendations for staying online:
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN) – a VPN secures your internet traffic keeping it free from prying eyes. It keeps your communications which is as it should be
  • Use a Password Manager – passwords are often the weakest link in online security. A password manager gets around this by automatically generating strong passwords and securely storing them
  • Protect home Wi-Fi networks – as the physical world begins to merge with the virtual through smart devices it’s never been more important to protect home Wi-Fi networks
  • Use Parental Controls – the internet is great tool or learning and exploration and kids take to as readily. But there’s a lot of dark and disturbing stuff too that children need to be shielded from  
  • Back up data – it’s so easy to lose data stored on a computer. Hackers can steal it, computers can and do crash or ransomware could infect it. To guard against data loss data needs to be backed up

To help you follow these recommendations we’ve developed new technologies such as a Home Network Scanner and Dojo by BullGuard, a seriously powerful and innovative platform that protects smart devices and Wi-Fi networks.

We’ve also struck up partnerships with leading VPN and Password Manager vendors, so our customers can benefit from discounted top technologies.

To find out more about what’s available, Home Network Scanner and Dojo by BullGuard simply follow this link.

You’ll also find information about and access to free software tools such as ad blockers and file erasers, which are further useful tools.