We hear so much about smart devices and what they can do and certainly the shops are bulging with smart things of all shades ahead of the Christmas splurge.

But at the moment people are buying them individually, adding a smart speaker here, installing smart lights there and planning to put in smart locks a bit further down the line.

But can we expect of the fully kitted out smart home of the near future to do?
Let’s take a look.


  • Coffee machines that know when you wake up and start brewing your favourite thick black coffee or perfumed tea, whatever your taste is
  • Lights automatically turn on and off when you enter and leave the kitchen – imagine the fun kids will have
  • Pots that start cooking your dinner as you head home from work
  • Cabinets and drawers that alert you when they are being opened – as in the case of muddy little people clambering all over the work tops and generally being mischievous
  • Oven and stoves that start doing their thing, like toasting your bread, according to how you programme them

Living room

  • Windows and doors that trigger alerts if they are opened unexpectedly
  • Thermostats that adjust automatically when somebody enters or leaves the room
  • Music systems that play your favourite tunes/operas/symphonies when you come home
  • Motion sensors and cameras that detect unexpected activity and automatically take pictures
  • Lights that automatically dim and can even trigger movie streaming services to come on when you flop onto the sofa


  • Lamps that gradually light up as you wake up
    Lights that flash if a child or baby wakes up in the middle of the night
  • Floor level nightlights that know when you get up in the middle of the night, lighting up your path as you stumble out of the bedroom
  • Jewellery boxes and similar that alert you if opened or moved

Outside the house

  • Garage doors that automatically open and close as you drive away
  • Outdoor lamps that light the driveway
  • Sprinkler systems hooked up to weather forecasts that automatically water the garden for instance during a dry period
  • Windows and doors that trigger alarms if entry is forced

And there’s more…

  • Gaming systems that turn on automatically
  • Moisture sensors that trigger alerts if a leak is detected
  • Stand-alone heaters that automatically adjust their temperatures
  • Dog collars that alert you to feeding times as well as notifying you if Rex/Fido/Lenin leaps over the garden fence and does a runner

These are all fairly standard smart devices and they will become increasingly commonplace in a relatively short time.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, all household appliances that can be remotely controlled will be over time.

This is the next big wave of computing following and running parallel with the smartphone and mobile computing revolution.

Device manufacturers understand this only too well and collectively they’re turning out billions of devices.
But as we’ve mentioned several times, and as the security industry frequently warns many smart devices are extremely insecure.

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