Turn on a screen lock

After a short period of inactivity your phone should automatically lock itself. You can set the time that suits you such as two minutes. You can also apply this to your laptop or tablet.
It’s the easiest way to keep intruders away.

Screen lock options

If your phone provides the option use a unique password that’s long enough and mixes letters with digits and symbols.

You can also use your fingerprint to wake and unlock your phone, as well as the password. This is a good way to double up on your security.

Some newer smartphones also have other biometric options such as face recognition. This is good security tool that should be made use of.

Auto wipe

You can enforce automatic wiping of your device after a number of failed login attempts, for example, ten times. It’s easy to lose a phone or leave it in a public place. You might leave it on table while in a bar and you never know who will pick it up.

Mind your apps

Smartphones are always being infected with apps that contain malware while hackers seek to exploit bugs and vulnerabilities.

As such it’s always better to use an official app store to download and install an app rather than a third party app such as a blog, ad or a torrent stream. You never know what these apps contain.

Check the permissions for installed apps

When you install an app, you can see the permissions in the app page’s details and in the screen that pops up to ask for you to grant the permissions the app asks for. Some of the permissions might be inappropriate such as a game that wants to access your contact details.

Install an ad blocker

Ads can be exploited by cybercriminals. Malvertising can be served right on your smartphone through ad servers and you don’t even need to click on anything in order to get infected. And some ads are deliberately infected with malware.

Use security software

BullGuard provides free Mobile Security software that protects your smartphone by providing complete antivirus and antitheft protection.