BullGuard Premium Protection has scooped a Silver Award in the highly coveted 2018 Stevie International Business Awards in the Best New Product or Service of the Year category.

This is an extremely competitive category and BullGuard’s winning position is a testament to the strength of its protection, comprehensive features and ease-of use for consumers.

The judges were unanimous in their decision, generous in their praise and acknowledged the important need for the sweeping consumer protection provided by BullGuard Premium Protection.

The judges said it provides a much needed service and is essentially ahead of the game with its innovative features and beneficial customer features.

One judge said: “[Premium Protection is a] needed comprehensive security system for the home and family, it encompasses multiple areas and consolidates into one package.”

Referring to the Home Network Scanner in Premium Protection, another judge added: “I am very impressed with the inclusion of IoT devices… IoT products are rapidly proliferating and pose a whole new level of security and privacy risks, I am glad that BullGuard is one of the first companies to address this challenge.”

Stevie Awards

To win silver in the Stevie’s International Business Awards is a reflection of all the work that has gone into developing BullGuard Premium Protection into what is arguably the world’s best online cybersecurity protection for consumers.

The Stevie International Business Awards have become the gold standard for business awards and are often cited as the world’s premier business accolades and one of the most coveted awards.

Launched in 2002, the Stevie International Business Awards are designed to honour the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and professionals worldwide. The Stevie is so-called because Stephen comes from the Greek name, Stephanos, which means ‘crown.’

Keeping home security simple

BullGuard Premium Protection was entered under the tag line ‘Keeping Home Security Simple’ and this is exactly what it does. Some of the features recognised by the judges include:

Identity protection

  • In a world were identity theft is rapidly spinning out of control it provides robust identity protection. It scans the web for the personal information user’s choose to register and if any of these details are detected the user is immediately alerted and given advice on what steps to take.
  • To prove the need for identity protection Javelin Strategy recently revealed the number of victims in the US was 16.7 million in 2017. That’s one in every two seconds. The Insurance Information Institute also said 30 percent of U.S. consumers were notified of a data breach in 2017, an increase of 12 percent compared to 2016. That’s almost one third of all U.S. adults. While identity figures are not as high in Europe it is certainly a growing problem. The EU Fraud Prevention Group said it is a “growing problem” while UK fraud prevention service Cifas said it is reaching “epidemic levels.”

Securing smart devices

  • Premium Protection’s Home Network Scanner proactively scans the home network 24/7, and every device on it including smart devices such as thermostats, baby monitor. It issues an alert if a vulnerability is discovered allowing a user to take remedial steps.
  • The FBI recently issued an alert about unsecured smart devices and how they can be abused by attackers, particularly when it comes to accessing them as part of criminal campaigns and a means of remaining anonymous while doing so. A few days later it released a consumer warning about the growing number of sensors, microphones, cameras, speech recognition and GPS capabilities in modern smart toys, saying this sensitive information could easily be exploited. These warning are applicable to any one that uses smart devices.

Next gen anti-malware

  • An award-winning triple layer anti-malware engine also protects users from a wide range of attacks. Recently AV-Comparatives and AV Test, independent testing labs, both awarded it 100% protection scores. Protection doesn’t get any better.

Record breaking benchmarks

BullGuard Premium Protection also includes a raft of other compelling features including a super-tough firewall and a Game Booster. Recently, Chillblast an award-winning gaming computer builder, put Game Booster to the test by measuring its effectiveness against six other software security suites.

Chillblast essentially tested for gaming speed when antivirus (AV) is running. Gamers often turn off AV because it slows down gaming, but this leaves them vulnerable to malware. Game Booster outperformed the other security suites by some distance and even enabled faster gaming than gaming rigs that weren’t running AV.

Check out all the other great features in BullGuard Premium Protection.