The iconic British holiday camp Butlins is as deeply embedded into the UK national psyche as are rain lashed summers (current season excepted), piping hot tea, mushy peas and soggy seaside chips.

Britain wouldn’t be the same without it. But the ease with which we can now melt on the Mediterranean, sizzle in Spain or take selfies while hanging off the side of a foreign mountain, has lent Butlins an air of faded glory redolent of another age, another time, of empires turned to dust.

However, Butlins has made a bit of a comeback over the past few years and it has also truly come of age; an institution with its feet firmly in the 21st Century, an organisation that truly embraces digital culture, a holiday destination that fizzes with future promise. How so? You may ask.

It’s been hacked.

That’s right. Up to 34,000 guest records may have been accessed by hackers according to the holiday camp firm. Butlins said the customer data at risk included names, home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. Payment details are apparently secure.

Butlin’s said its own investigations (was it the Redcoats?) had not found any fraudulent activity related to the data breach.
  • People who believe they may have been affected should be cautious about giving any additional details, such as payment card information, if they are contacted by individuals claiming to be from Butlins.

Many people may think losing this sort of information can’t be damaging. But check the case of arch hacker Grant West, who in May this year recently got 10 years in the clink.

West carried out a slew of cyberattacks on other iconic British companies such a Sainsbury’s, Asda, Argos, Ladbrokes and Coral making off with more than 160,000 email addresses.

He then launched a large phishing attack aimed at the owners of these email accounts. The emails masqueraded as the online food order and delivery service Just Eat and were designed to elicit personal information.

And he was successful. He sold all the information he culled from the phishing mails on the dark web, netting a huge £1.6 million.

That’s what you can do with stolen email addresses.

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