BullGuard is providing team sponsorship for Fierce PC’s recently launched UK-based Fierce Esports organisation.

Fierce PC is a bespoke builder of gaming rigs, for all levels of gamers, and esportsesports is a rapidly growing industry in the UK.

What is esports?

Esports is simply the short name for electronic sports and just as football players, boxers and cricketers compete against each other, esports players slug it out, at lightning speed, in video games.

But this isn’t just something that happens at home between friends and family. Huge esports tournaments take place all over the world in big arenas with large crowds.

Big tournaments host well-known players and fans from all over the world tune in to watch the action online. Competitors get paid or win cash prizes and they play in teams rather than on their own.

Why BullGuard?

BullGuard’s sponsorship reflects its tech endeavours in gaming with the inclusion of its unique Game Booster feature in its Antivirus, Internet Security and Premium Protection products.

Game Booster isn’t simply another component in security software. It’s the best game-boosting technology available.

In a recent independent benchmark test, which compared high profile security software suites against each other, BullGuard Game Booster came out on top. It left competitors in the digital dust thanks to its superior frames-per-second speed.

However, perhaps even more critical, it delivered faster speeds than a computer running without any antivirus protection. This is important as gamers often turn off antivirus protection because it slows their gaming down.
And of course, without protection, gamers are vulnerable to all sorts of malware – and their computers do get infected.

By sponsoring Fierce Esports more gamers will become aware of the BullGuard game-boosting capability and its award-winning protection.

The Fierce team

Esports is a hardcore sport; few careers burn as intensely and as briefly, as that of an esports professional.
Fierce Esports launched into the UK esports scene with its own CS:GO team.

CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) which is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game.

The Fierce CS:GO team was previously known as the Royals but is now under the Fierce esports umbrella. The Fierce team members have expertise, credibility and significant wins under their belt.