X-rated adult website High Tail Hall (HTH) has exposed the details of over 400,000 users in a sweeping hack.

The website is not sure about how it happened, or if it does know it’s not saying.

HaveIBeenPwned, a website that lets users know whether their emails addresses have been compromised, got its hands on the filched HTH customer details.

The hacked data appears to date from late August 2018. However, the data has only just surfaced in November and includes members’ dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, usernames, purchases and salted password hashes.

According to HaveIBeenPwned, 411,755 account details have been hacked.

Potential for blackmail

HTH Studios says it has since overhauled its security systems and is advising users to reset their passwords to be safe. Apparently financial data has not been compromised.

HTH may not be your cup of tea and we’re not advising that you look at it. It is hardcore fantasy and in some senses disturbing, but that said people who do use it have a right to make sure their personal details are protected.

The leaked information could easily be used by unscrupulous fraudsters to blackmail users and shame them into paying up money to avoid having their names exposed. For all we know this may already be happening.

This can bring in its wake feelings of shame and self-loathing for some users which in turn can lead to self-destructive actions.

Whatever you think of these types of site the onus should surely be on the owners to ensure they do all they can to protect sensitive user data, after all, they are making substantial profits from users.