BullGuard is set to release a Virtual Private Network so users can have the peace of mind that they are no longer being tracked online or hackers can’t intercept their data.
  • BullGuard VPN gives the user flexibility to safely and securely access the Internet and online services from home, work or abroad. 
  • BullGuard VPN keeps you safe whether you’re using a computer or smartphone on public Wi-Fi in a café or want to check online banking accounts from an airport or shopping centre, BullGuard VPN keeps you safe.

Privacy protection

BullGuard has a number of strong features that ensure your privacy online:
  • It changes your IP address so your location is obscured 
  • It uses military grade encryption to encrypt and secure your data so the websites you visit, information you enter and files you download can’t be seen by anyone.

Easy to use

  • A one-click ‘Quick Connect’ feature allows you to connect to BullGuard VPN server based on your preferences. 
  • You can also choose the country of your choice so you connect to a server in that country. 
  • An Auto-connect feature allows BullGuard VPN to identify open Wi-Fi connections. It automatically starts the VPN to ensure you are protected even if the Wi-Fi network is insecure

Computer and device protection

  • You can secure up to six devices simultaneously with a single BullGuard VPN account.
  • This includes desktop computers, smartphones, laptops or tablets. 
  • BullGuard VPN currently supports Windows, macOS, and Android with iOS (iPhone + iPad) coming soon.

No logging or tracking policy

  • BullGuard VPN does not log what you’re doing online, or keep records of the websites you visit, ensuring you have complete online privacy and security.

The need for privacy

Do you have any idea how often you are tracked online? If you did you might be startled at how transparent your online journeys are, and how often they are recorded.

Advertising is the main culprit. Your online profile is sold to the highest bidder, milliseconds after the start of your website visit.

Google, Facebook and other ad tech companies have a worryingly insatiable hunger for information. The more they know about you, the more money they can make.


Perhaps you’re not bothered about this. What should be of concern however is that tracking is a problem. Our online life is becoming more transparent, while tracking stays invisible. Is this right?
  • Tracking makes it possible for companies to manipulate you. 
  • Prices are changed on the basis of what they think you are willing to pay. 
  • Newsfeeds are altered according to your online activities. 
  • Tracking often leads to mistaken assumptions about individuals.

People can be excluded from a loan or are considered too risky for an insurance policy because they are discriminated on the basis of their online profile.
  • Cookies reduce you to a unique number in order to follow you online. 
  • Companies can recognise your specific smartphone or make use of your location. 
  • Some companies even use the level of your battery or a hidden sound to track you.

Regulatory loopholes

The recently introduced General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are aimed at redressing that balance and providing more online privacy for consumer.

But there is a proviso that lets organisations still use your data if they show they need it.
  • Some send out a privacy policy mail and if you still want to use the service or receive messages you have to accept it. 
  • However, sometimes buried in the policy is a proviso that says by accepting the policy your data can be used by the organisation. 
  • Some are still gathering data secretly. Microsoft Office was recently discovered to have been harvesting data including the content of private emails.

Snuffs out sniffing

As well as providing total privacy so organisations can’t spy on you BullGuard VPN also snuffs out sniffing.
  • Sniffing is the process of monitoring and capturing all data packets passing through a network using sniffing tools. 
  • It’s a form of wiretapping except it is used to access data. 
  • When the data is captured it is analysed and sensitive information is retrieved. 
  • Hackers use sniffing tools to try and capture banking information and passwords as they leave a computer or other device. 
  • BullGuard VPN’s secure ‘tunnel’ means no one see, much less, sniff your data.

In summary BullGuard provides an answer, ensuring your online privacy and your data can’t be snooped on:

  • Complete online freedom and privacy protection. 
  • Unlimited and unrestricted access to the Internet from any global location. 
  • Military grade encryption delivers bulletproof protection for data. 
  • Access the Internet from any device and any major operating system.

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