You may have heard of the Cathay Pacific airline breach in which near staggering 10 million customers had personal data stolen.

Passport details and credit card numbers were among the data that was stolen.  Approximately 860,000 passport numbers and 245,000 Hong Kong identity cards were accessed.

Most people affected live in the Far East but anybody who has used Cathay Pacific or its subsidiary Cathay Dragon may have had their details accessed by the hackers.


  • The size of the hack to one side it took Cathay Pacific seven months to come clean about the breach. 
  • Anybody who gives their data and credit card details in good faith to make a booking, deserve to know as soon as possibly if there’s a hint that data has been compromised. 
  • Cathay in a statement said accessed data includes names of passengers, their nationalities, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email and physical addresses, passport numbers, identity card numbers and historical travel information. 
  • Much later, rather than sooner, Cathay Pacific confirmed that it is in the process of contacting affected passengers to provide them with details of how to protect themselves going forward. 
  • The Cathay breach comes a month after a similar hack on British Airways exposed tens of thousands of customer details from 380,000 transactions.


The airline’s chief executive Rupert Hogg apologised to customers and said an investigation into the breach had been launched after news of the hack emerged.

Despite the quantity of data accessed, Hogg says there is “no evidence” to suggest that the hackers misused any of the leaked personal details.

It’s tempting to add, “That’s what they all say.”

The stolen information is a treasure trove for fraudsters to launch phishing campaigns.

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