Famadillo.com is an online family magazine that provides all manner of information for parents. This ranges from travel tips and seasonal trends to toy and book reviews, technology, things for the house and kids, meal ideas and just about anything and everything that is related to family life.

And it is now offering US citizens’ one-year’s free subscription to BullGuard VPN in a Mothers and Fathers’ Day give-away contest. It’s free to enter and all you need to do is visit the Famadillo.com home page, click ‘Content’ on the menu bar at the top of the page, click BullGuard content and enter your details. The competition runs until June 30.

It’s a great opportunity to bag a top privacy product that helps keep the whole family free from prying eyes when online. 

Why use BullGuard VPN?

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is notoriously insecure but BullGuard VPN protects you by using military grade encryption to secure your data. Its 256 bit protection is virtually foolproof; it would take a lifetime to crack this encryption. As such you can use public Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, hotels and shopping centres secure in the knowledge that your online activity isn’t vulnerable to hacking.

Mask your identity

BullGuard changes your originating IP address so your location is obscured. This prevents others, including internet service providers, government organisations and others from monitoring your online browsing activity and scooping up your personal data for commercial ends. In short, the websites you visit, information you enter, files you download and applications you use are private and known only to you.

Simple to use

It is also incredibly simple to use. Designed with non-tech people in mind you have one click access to the nearest BullGuard server. If you prefer, you can choose the country of your choice to connect to the internet. An auto-connect for public Wi-Fi networks is also extremely useful. It identifies open Wi-Fi connections and automatically starts the VPN to ensure you are always protected.

Protect up to six devices

BullGuard VPN protects up to six devices simultaneously including desktop computer, smartphone, laptop and tablet. Users can easily switch between 16 different country locations, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore and Australia.

Stream from any location

It’s not unusual to subscribe to a streaming service and then discover you can’t access it when you’re travelling. With BullGuard VPN you can access all of your streaming services irrespective of your geographical location. What’s more should you be visiting a country which censors internet access BullGuard VPN allows you to connect without a problem, safely communicate and carry on with your online life without interruption.

Shop the world

Another benefit of BullGuard VPN is the ability to shop for the same products and services from different countries to get the best price. For instance if you’re in the US and are planning a trip to France and want to rent a car, it will cost less if you log onto the BullGuard VPN French server and pay for the service from that IP address. The cost of booking the same service from the US is significantly higher. These cost savings can apply to other products and services too depending on which country you are accessing the relevant website from.

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