The just released BullGuard 2020 product range includes a raft of new innovative features that deliver even deeper levels of cyber security to meet and beat back emerging new threats. The features are BullGuard Secure Browsing and Machine Learning malware detection. At the same time another important development we’ve introduced is the scanning of thousands more dark web forums and sites where stolen ID data is traded.

Bespoke Secure Browser

Secure Browsing is included in BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection.  It’s an important new defence layer. BullGuard’s bespoke Secure Browser, among other things, protects you from vulnerable and malicious browser extensions.

As an example, eight browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox were harvesting personal data from over four million people. This data included medical records, credit card information, travel information, online shopping history, file attachments, GPS locations and more.

BullGuard Secure Browser also safeguards against increasingly common attack methods specifically directed at browsers. These include taking over a browser and redirecting data and intercepting browser data. It also filters malicious content and detects website phishing.

And of course the browser also includes all the features you’d expect such as address bar hints, web page tabbing, keyboard shortcuts and favourites.

Machine Learning

We’ve also added an extra deep layer of malware detection. Based on machine learning it interrogates files entering the computer, detects when all is not as it should be and neutralises the malware immediately, specifically zero day threats. These are the most deadly of malware threats.  The machine learning takes what it has learnt and applies it to other software files, effectively becoming a silent and deadly killer of zero day threats, such as ransomware.

Machine Learning threat detection is included in BullGuard Premium Protection, BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Antivirus.

Deep Identity Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection has always done a sterling job in protecting users’ sensitive data. And it’s got even better. It now monitors more websites than ever before, including thousands more dark web platforms and sites where most cyber criminals, hackers and identity thieves trade stolen data.

At BullGuard our mission is to anticipate and head off new threats to ensure our customers always have the latest cutting-edge protection. This is why we are burrowing even deeper into the digital darkness to protect your valuable data whether it is email addresses, telephone numbers, credit and debit cards, bank account details, driving license, passport details and more.

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