Secure browsing is an important new feature of BullGuard Premium Protection and BullGuard Internet Security, available via a bespoke browser that of course features all the aspects of a browser that you would expect like tabbed browsing, history, address bar hints and so on.

Why is secure browsing important?

We’re all familiar with the importance of protecting against malware. 350,000 new instances of malware are released each day according to the AV-Test Institute. Malware is a common tool for hackers the world over, but stepping up a level in terms of hacker skills, browser attacks are equally dangerous.

They deliberately target your browser to steal sensitive information such as passwords, payment card info, browsing histories and so on. This is all important information for identity thieves and in a single stroke they can get everything they need to know about you.
  • Well-known browser attack methods include browser hijacking, man-in-the browser attacks, rootkits, process injection and remote control takeover. Each one of these describes a different method of accessing a user’s browser and stealing information.
  • There are also malicious plugin extensions. You can come across these on websites that offer free software downloads. They claim to make your browsing easier or faster or offer features such as instant access to favourite websites. However when downloaded, malicious code enters the browser and transmits your sensitive data to the hacker’s server.
  • Another form of browser hacking takes place at the network level.A hacker spoofs a Domain Name Server (DNS) to redirect data from your browser to a fraudulent website that resembles the site you are trying to reach, such as an ecommerce retailer or even sometimes a bank.

Top secure browsing tips

BullGuard’s secure browser defends against these attacks.
  • When you’re planning to buy something online, book travel or buy a service, BullGuard Secure Browser keeps your payment card data safe from browser attacks.
  • If you’re accessing an online service like YouTube, whether at home or from another location, BullGuard Secure Browser ensures your log-in details aren’t hijacked.
  • BullGuard Secure Browser identifies malicious websites so you don’t mistakenly access them and unwittingly infect your computer with malware.
  • BullGuard Secure Browser defends you against spoofing attacks in which hackers set up websites that imitate the real thing such as an online retailer or bank.
  • If you’re concerned about hackers accessing your browsing history BullGuard Secure Browser locks down the browsing cache so it can’t be accessed.
In short, the BullGuard Secure Browser ensures that your browser’s security is nailed down, network security is strong and that you don’t stray onto malicious websites. You can shop, buy and book things online in absolute safety. Download a FREE trial now.