It's that time of year when creeps, ghouls, and vampires stalk their prey. In a living cyber nightmare, they emerge from an online underground, crossing a digital river Styx to stalk, steal and suck the life from their prey by creating diabolical malware, siphoning ID credentials and exploiting vulnerabilities.  

Anybody who’s been a victim of cybercrime, including identity theft, will readily agree just how devastating it can be. It’s the stuff of nightmares and the cold hard reality of everyday cyber life. When there’s a big hack of customer data, there’s a corresponding feeding frenzy in the dark web. It has to be seen to be believed. The creeps, ghouls, and vampires spring into life. Not that they were sleeping. And these evil hackers never sleep.
  • Don’t click links from strangers
    Never take sweets from a stranger and never open links from unknown sources. Phishing scams are designed to make you think you’re interacting with a legitimate organisation. But the spooks want your login credentials, financial data, and account information.
  • Cursed passwords?
    One of the best and easiest ways to ensure your ID information is kept safe is to create strong passwords with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. It’s not fool proof because a company that holds your ID data might get hacked. But it’s better than nothing. But what is better than nothing is identity protection to safeguard all your valuable ID information.
  • Banish the monsters
    Once Halloween is over the monsters disappear but not so online ghouls who can infiltrate your computer unnoticed. Using a public Wi-Fi network will leave your computer vulnerable to these types of attacks. Use a VPN, it encrypts your data. Check BullGuard VPN for online freedom and security.
  • Cookies aren’t treats
    Halloween cookies can be the bomb. But cyber cookies can be explosively damaging. They can hide malware that will strip all the data out of your browser including payment card info, passwords, and your actual address. The same goes for browser plug-ins and extensions. All three can download without your knowledge. This is why a secure browser is a must.
  • Hacked soul
    Social media profiles along can be easy to hack. Secure them with strong, unique passwords and two-factor authentication. Better still use identity protection to keep all your passwords safe.

Ward off the evil eyes

This Halloween BullGuard has a special offer to keep you safe from spooks and all evil online hackers. We've just released BullGuard 2020 and alongside award-winning antimalware, we've added some outstanding new features that will send the banshees and hobgoblins spinning back to their lairs in frustration.
  • Deep Identity Protection
BullGuard Identity Protection, a feature of BullGuard Premium Protection, now scans more dark web forums and sites where miscreant denizens lurk and carry out their dark trade, buying, selling and using stolen identity information. Whether you want to protect email addresses, phone numbers, credit and debit cards, driving license and passport details, loyalty cards, ID cards, local and international bank accounts BullGuard has it covered.
  • Secure browsing

      Of all the software in the world browsers are the most exposed:
  • They can provide an attacker with a vast amount of information about you, including your personal address, phone number, credit card data, emails, IDs, passwords, browsing history, bookmarks and so on.
  • Browsers are also the ideal platform for cybercriminals to gain a foothold on your device.
And these attacks typically come via cookies, plug-ins, and extensions to your browser that either download without your knowledge or are disguised as something they are not.

BullGuard Secure Browser doesn’t load cookies, plug-ins, and extensions without your permission so you won’t be fooled into allowing the cyber spooks to sneakily plant malware or silently ghost into your computer.

Devilishly good

So why not beat back the cyber spectres, phantoms and ghoulish data robbers with this BullGuard Halloween special:
  It’s a devilishly good offer that will keep the cyber thugs at bay all year round. Get the deal before it’s too late!