Our CEO, Paul BullGuard recently sat down for a Q&A with Hosting Advice, a leading publication on the latest technologies, trends and organizations making waves in the hosting services industry.
Here's a few snippets of what Paul had to say on:
Navigating new security trends
  • We’ve been investing significantly in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the needle in the haystack, discriminate between good and bad processes and files, and rapidly identify and block zero-day threats, which have never been seen before.
  • Users are viewing VPNs as an increasingly important aspect of the security stack since they provide an encrypted tunnel from the device to the cloud.
Small Office
  • In many ways, small businesses are even more vulnerable than enterprises to the average online attack. That’s because, apart from sophisticated target attacks, the enterprise has vastly more resources to dedicate to security than businesses like a small medical or law practice.
  • Typically, small businesses have to make a tough choice; they either have to use a consumer product that doesn’t scale particularly well, or they’re left with implementing complex products designed for much larger companies.
  • We designed BullGuard Small Office Security specifically with the needs of small businesses in mind.
State of the security industry
  • What is so challenging and yet fascinating about the security industry is that it truly is a cat-and-mouse game. We aim to shine when it comes to simplicity for consumers and companies alike - an important but often underestimated feature in the software world.
  • In addition to designing products that are easy-to-use for consumers and SMBs, we want to make it easier for the partner community and ecosystem to deploy and manage security for their customers.
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