With Christmas just a few blinks of the eye away, many of you might be considering stacking a few super popular video games in the stocking or buying a gaming card for your favourite hardcore gaming fan. Of course, just like anyone else, online gamers need protection from swarms of malware, pop-up ads bearing bad gifts and gaming related online hooks that sneakily hide malicious code.

But as any gamer will tell you, speed is to gaming as reindeers are to that chubby, white-bearded chap. Here’s the thing, antivirus typically slows gaming down which is an absolute no no. So what do gamers do to get around this blight? They turn off the antivirus… and as a result, expose themselves to all the nasties lurking on the internet.

Seriously good news

However, for gamers, there is some seriously good news. BullGuard’s Game Booster actually boosts gaming to the nth degree without having to turn off antivirus. It optimises resource distribution for background apps and kills unnecessary processes. What does this mean? Simply, you enjoy a smoother gaming experience and still stay safe.

And one other super important thing. BullGuard Game Booster is better than the rest. This isn't trumpets blowing. It's a fact. Chillblast, a renowned UK specialist computer manufacturer, wanted to determine what impact antivirus software has on gaming. It put six high profile security suites to the test, including Norton, McAfee, AVG and Windows 10 homegrown antivirus.

Fastest frame rates

Chillblast measured the frame per second (FPS) rate while running the antivirus software it was testing. FPS is essentially the speed. BullGuard's patent-pending Game Booster came out on top, ahead of other big name brands, with the fastest FPS.

Top ranking isn’t surprising given Game Booster has a number of features such as power state and memory optimisation to deliver the performance gamers require, while still running resource-intensive games.

Game Booster works on computers with four core processors which are must-have rigs for dedicated gamers. Game Booster automatically detects users' gaming sessions and pulls other applications that are open onto one or two of the processing cores. This ensures the other cores are dedicated to the game, removing random game spikes that slow down the game.

So if you’re planning on buying your nearest and dearest a game this Yuletide, why not get them a BullGuard subscription as well? They’ll be grateful and you won’t be interrupted with shrieks of frustration, rather you might just hear them rejoice.

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