In this digital age how many of us have thought about making cyber resolutions given that the online world is a much an intimate part of our lives as are our relationships?  This New Year why not lay down some cyber resolution markers that will make our online lives a lot safer… and also save money?

Never been a better time to toughen up password protection

Passwords are the Achilles Heel of cybersecurity. The dark web is awash with billions of stolen passwords.  They are often so easy to crack for cyber villains, which in turn feeds the cyber-crime economy with lots of new log-ins to try. Sometimes organisations store these passwords in plain text making the bad guys’ job even easier. Even when encrypted they are often easily cracked by cybercriminals armed with widely available automated tools.

Passwords represent the key to consumers’ digital lives. According to research in the US your average person has an astonishing 150 online accounts requiring a password. Whether it’s the same figure across Europe we don’t know but we all have lots of online accounts.

To counter weak passwords we’re all familiar with the drill, use unique, long-and-strong passwords that incorporate every symbol available on a keyboard. But remembering these across different accounts can be next to impossible. So as the New Year gets underway, think about investing in a password manager. It creates and manages strong passwords and auto-fills them into the accounts you access so you don't have to remember a thing.

Ditch the junk and shop safely

If you’ve got money to burn, and even if you don’t, it’s easy to get carried away with online shopping and buy things you never need and never really wanted. There are so many websites, offering so many products, to so many people it’s never been more tempting to hit the click and buy button. So why not make a resolution to only make online purchases for things you need, things you have been looking for and things you really want?

It will certainly save you money and will also cut down the chances of being burnt online by having account information stolen. In fact, at the same time, you can make a resolution to also shop safely online. This is as simple to do as it is to cut out buying things we don’t need. BullGuard Secure Browsing was built for safe online shopping and is now available as a feature in BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Premium Protection.

It protects against an array of attacks at the computer, network and website levels. This ranges from sophisticated man-in-the-browser attacks to phishing emails and filtering out malicious website content. You gain unparalleled levels of security when shopping online and you don't have to do anything other than use the browser, which also has all the user-friendly functions you'd expect of a good browser. 

Scan the world for the best deals

Did you know that a virtual private network can be used to actually get you some top cost-saving deals especially for travel? A VPN hides your identity by masking your IP address. To a website, your IP address reveals your location, both the country you are in and the specific area within the country.

Airlines, hotels and other industries often set their prices according to the country the user is based in which is determined by the IP address. For instance, the cost of a London hotel room for several nights can cost much less if you’re booking from the US than if you’re booking in the UK.

Some companies offer discounts to customers from other countries or those from low-income countries. By using BullGuard VPN you can choose a server that is based in another country to bag the discounts. It’s a great way to make what often can be substantial savings. Before you start, clear your browsing history and then be patient as you search… who wouldn’t like to make a saving of several hundred dollars?

Make greater use of public Wi-Fi hotspots

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are almost everywhere which is great. You can access the internet from near enough any location and not use up any of your data allowance from your mobile device. It's not so great, however, that many public Wi-Fi hotspots literally have no protection and are open to all sorts of cyber ghouls, miscreants, and villains.

As a result, some people limit their browsing when using hotspots because they know that even accessing email accounts can expose their information to thieves. However, with BullGuard VPN you can use public Wi-Fi hotspots in complete safety and even shop and bank online.

BullGuard VPN creates a secure, encrypted connection between your public Wi-Fi and the service’s private servers, providing a protective barrier for your smartphone’s connection to a network that many people other people are using at the same time.

Nail your identity

In the US identity theft is at pandemic levels. In Europe, it's growing rapidly. Your identity data is more valuable to cybercriminals than your front door key is to house breakers because it provides access to your hidden world of finances and personal and sensitive data.

Let's increase awareness in the coming year of just how much value even the most seemingly innocuous ID data can have and treat it with the protection it deserves. The consequences of ID theft can be devastating both financially and emotionally. Your bank accounts can be stripped bare and personally, you can feel that you're no longer safe… anywhere.

New BullGuard identity protection monitors thousands of sources on the dark web for your ID data. It tells you immediately if any of your personal information has been compromised.  You simply enter the information you want to protect whether its email addresses, phone numbers, payment card numbers, passport details and so on.
Adopt these resolutions this coming year and together we can ensure a cyber New Year that is safe from all types of online harm.