Coronavirus is on everybody’s lips, hopefully not literally, but certainly in terms of global awareness.

It's not surprising then that cyber miscreants are using it as a hook to spread malware and steal passwords and payment card details.

A dodgy website that provides a heat map of where Coronavirus is spreading has been discovered. The website offers an up-to-date global view of Coronavirus reports, however, it masks malicious code, specifically spyware designed to skim personal details.

What does the fake website heat map look like?

It copies the look and feel of a bona fide website from John Hopkins University a private research establishment in Baltimore, US.

Click this link and you will see the legitimate website operated by the university.

The fake website mirrors the genuine website and is sitting on the internet waiting to be discovered by unwitting visitors who have no idea it is a front for spyware.

However, as the Coronavirus spreads and increasing numbers of people are infected, the scammers behind the website may well launch an email campaign that includes a link to the heat map.

The bottom line is to be extremely wary of emails that offer news, treatments, purported disinfection methods and so on about the Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is providing information about the Coronavirus on its website. You can access the WHO website by clicking here. It’s extremely informative.

The WHO website also provides a heat map 'situation dashboard' that shows how Coronavirus is spreading. This web page can be accessed here.

Alternatively, you can use the link to the John Hopkins University heat map above.

As a final word, be careful about which websites you trust and Coronavirus related emails you receive.