The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has launched a service for reporting suspicious emails. The move follows a flood of malicious emails using fake coronavirus-related services aiming to steal money and personal data from victims.

The service notched up early success with more than 80 malicious campaigns taken down in a day after 5,000 suspicious emails were flagged to the new cyber-service for investigation within a day of its launch.

The NCSC recently launched the pioneering ‘Suspicious Email Reporting Service’ to make it easier than ever to flag suspicious emails, including those claiming to offer services related to Covid-19.

Users of the service simply forward suspicious emails to this email address:
The NCSC is running an automated programme that immediately checks the authenticity of the websites connected to malicious phishing emails. If they are discovered to be scams, by working with hosting companies, the websites are taken down immediately.

The service is also designed to support UK police by providing live-time analysis of reports and identifying new patterns in online offending.