Almost a third (28%) of data breaches in 2020 involved small businesses according to the regarded Verizon Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report which is often cited as the industry standard when it comes to gauging the state of global cybersecurity.
  • Hacked web applications and miscellaneous errors represent 70% of the breaches. The threats are largely external attacks at 74%. Internal attacks make up 26%, with partners at 1% and other multiple sources at another 1%.
  • Unsurprisingly 83% of breaches are finance related. Espionage comes in at 8% and people doing it for fun and a grudge at 3% each.
  • ID credentials at 52% make up the majority of hacked data and are often used at a later date as part of other crimes such as fraud. The remaining stolen data is personal (30%) other (20%) internal information (14%) and medical data (14%).
Compromised devices included servers (29%), desktop (24%), laptop (20%), and web applications (10%) which include email accounts. By far the most popular method for attackers to compromise small businesses and steal data is by using malware. This includes spyware, rootkits, data exporting code, passwords dumpers, and adminware. Phishing was significantly popular too while direct hacking such as SQL injections were relatively uncommon.

The report concludes:
  • The move towards hacking small businesses is a result of greater adoption of cloud-based tools and a continued rise in social engineering attacks such as phishing.
  • Remote working in the face of the global pandemic has highlighted the need for end-to-end security from the cloud to employee laptops to protect against malware.
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