A huge show of hands goes up for Lucy Lincoln, BullGuard’s Channel Marketing Manager. Lucy has been chosen by PCR as one of the Top 25 Women in Tech 2020. The award highlights the most influential women in the UK PC and tech channel and features women that have made a positive impact in the industry over the past year.

As Channel Manager, Lucy has built the BullGuard channel strategy from the ground up including single-handily implementing an entire global channel marketing strategy including developing the renowned and industry-leading Advantage Plus partner programme.

Within the context of the pandemic, she put her hands to the wheel, and recognising the need for small business cyber protection developed a hugely effective lead generation tool in the form of an extended 3-month Small Office Security customer trial.

This not only helped small businesses protect their remote workers in a time of urgent need but also provided a swathe of end-user trial leads for BullGuard partners. 

Beyond her commitment to the channel, and providing enviable incentives and rewards for BullGuard partners, the award has also highlighted her position as a role model for young women. 

In her own words Lucy said: “The next generation of thinkers and innovators are developing now and by encouraging and inspiring girls by using strong and active female role models, tech companies can ensure a much more diverse future for the industry.”

And diversity isn’t just paying lip service. Women represent over half of the creative talent pool in the UK and our economy needs digital skills to thrive and grow. More women in the industry increase diversity which many studies have shown improves operation and increases the bottom line.

So as a positive driving force for channel partners and a role model for young women we loudly applaud her for the much-deserved award.