If there is a single rule in cybersecurity it can be best summed up in the phrase 'You can’t stand still.’ The cybersecurity landscape always throws up new threats as cybercriminals and hackers identify and exploit new vulnerabilities, adapt their tactics to leverage emerging technologies, and take advantage of rising digital trends such as the recent mass move to home working.

Understanding these dynamics and staying one step ahead is at the centre of BullGuard's multi-award-winning cyber protection. And this approach is clearly evident in BullGuard 2021. This upgrade to BullGuard Antivirus, Internet Security, and Premium Protection delivers unrivalled multi-layered detection to provide the ultimate in cyber protection.  

Dynamic machine learning – keeping you safer than ever

Dynamic machine learning is a core component in BullGuard Internet Security 2021. It builds on the existing machine learning in Internet Security 2020 by automatically analysing more threats in real-time which in turn enhances malware detection rates, keeping customers safe against emerging threats.
  • Unlike most competing products BullGuard dynamic machine learning doesn’t rely solely on a cloud connection for threat detection, rather it continuously monitors all processes on a user’s device, enabling real-time detection and blocking of potentially malicious behaviour before it can do damage, even if malware attempts to cut the internet connection.
  • BullGuard dynamic machine learning analysis is designed to identify ‘obfuscation’ techniques used by hackers to hide malware. Why is this important? In short, it detects malware that is 'hidden’ and which also has a delayed malicious payload. For instance, some malware will infect devices and then release its payload at a later date even if the device is offline. BullGuard’s dynamic machine learning protects against these threats.
  • This dynamic machine learning analysis also continually scans the entire BullGuard customer base looking for new emerging threats. Should it detect, for instance, a new ransomware strain, this knowledge is immediately transferred to all the other protected devices it is scanning keeping customers safe.

So many layers, so much protection
  • BullGuard 2021 provides users with six layers of protection - Dynamic Machine Learning, Safe Browsing, Sentry Protection for Zero-Day Malware, an On-Access AV Engine, a Firewall, and a Vulnerability Scanner that work together to defend the user’s devices from malware, without the need for user interaction. The six layers work in tandem to create a buffer between the internet and each device BullGuard 2021 is installed on catching inbound and local malware, any erroneous outbound communication to the internet, phishing scams and more.
  • In a world where malware multiplies faster than any other known object, 350,000 new samples every day according to AV-Test Institute, BullGuard 2021 provides the ultimate in cyber protection.

More whoomph for gamers

But this is not all. BullGuard 2021 also includes new gaming dedicated features so gamers can enjoy top-notch protection when they’re doing their thing.
  • The award-winning Game Booster has been optimised so it can work with online games that have anti-cheat engines. Gamers can now display their flair and expertise without losing out to those who use game cheats.
  • Game Booster has also been enhanced so video streaming apps aren’t slowed down by other apps that are running. Gamers can now video stream their games, showcasing their skills and imparting their knowledge and discoveries, without being hampered by slow video streaming.

BullGuard 2021 delivers the most powerful, resourceful, and comprehensive cyber protection available so if you want the ultimate in cyber protection look no further. Find out more here.