BullGuard has struck up a partnership with global software provider Prianto to provide its resellers across France with an exclusive opportunity to provide BullGuard Small Office Security to small businesses.
Small Office Security is a dedicated platform for small business end device protection including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  It provides multi award-winning protection for all Windows, Android and macOS devices whether employees are working in the office, remotely or travelling.

Small Office Security is unique to the market in that it has been designed from the ground up specifically for small businesses so by definition it is affordable and easy-to-use while providing remote comprehensive centralised management.

Fuel for growth

Prianto resellers can either sell directly to customers or expand into service provision by providing Small Office Security as-a-service via a cloud-based management dashboard. 
  • MSP functionality offers significant potential for revenue growth for Prianto resellers who want to expand into straightforward and simple managed service provision.
  • Resellers can quickly and easily set up new customers within minutes, manage multiple client accounts and protect all their endpoint devices from the cloud portal. 

Acute need for protection

The partnership move is driven by the growing need for small businesses to ensure their devices and networks are protected as they come under increasing attack by cyber criminals.

The volume of attacks on small businesses has steadily been ramping up for some time. They are seen as an easy target by cyber criminals because as a general rule small businesses lack robust cyber protection and as such are vulnerable to ransomware, spyware and Trojans. 

Since the beginning of the year remote workers in particular have been targeted with huge volumes of phishing mails which in turn puts their employers at risk of device and network infection.

Launch plan for resellers
  • With the support of BullGuard, Prianto has developed a reseller launch plan, which commences October 2020 with a series of webinars to recruit channel network partners.
  • This is followed by an incentive campaign to reward resellers based on sales and licence activations.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the importance of channel relations, BullGuard Small Office Security will be exclusively available through the channel.
To find out more about becoming a partner, click here.