‘New’ phishing mails appear with alarming regularity as criminals try ever more inventive ways to trick users into downloading malware or getting them to part with personal information on phishing websites.

One of the more unlikely, and unbelievable, that has surfaced is a phishing mail that claims to be from a human resources department and/or accounts team.

The mail bears the fantastic news that the recipient is getting a pay rise just in case they missed the email subject line which declares with confidence; “New salary increase”.

Who wouldn’t like their salary to be hiked whether they asked for it or not? And so the attackers intent becomes obvious, to exploit the basic human instinct for ‘more.’ There’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to salaries.

Of course, the email includes a link for you to click to get the nitty gritty details about your wage rise. And of course it’s a scam.

It’s hard to imagine lots of people falling for this but the attackers aren’t dim. They know most people will delete the email faster than you can say “I need a pay rise.” But they also know a small percentage will and that’s all they need.

Click on the link, and those in other phishing mails, and it could ultimately be ruinous.