Watch out for fake messages claiming to be from the NHS demanding that you order a PCR testing kit. The message appears as a text but could also surface as an email.

The message contains a link to a malicious website to order a PCR testing kit. However, the website is simply a scam designed to get you enter personal information, such as payment card number.

While the NHS does contact people via text in some cases, it only asks you to order a test via the official GOV.UK site, not some dubious website.

It is possible for criminals to fake official phone numbers. However they can’t fake official website addresses.

If you have concerns about a phone call, text message or email you’ve received, in relation to test and trace, carefully check the website address you are being directed to.

The official government website is

If you have received a genuine message it will also contain unique characters that you have to enter when accessing the website.