Text messages claiming a delivery has been missed, to bait recipients into clicking on a link and imparting personal details, used to be basic. A few lines of copy and a link that took you through to a basic web page dressed up to look as though its legitimate.

But their sophistication has ramped up a few notches with the latest scams claiming to be from the Hermes delivery company, looking exactly like the Hermes website with its brand blue background and cartoon characters.

It has all the messaging you would expect from Hermes such as tracking your parcel, how to arrange delivery, future services you might want to use, parcel pick and delivery locations and so on. That said, all of these so-called service links are as dead as a dinosaur.

The main thrust of the message, as ever, is that you’ve missed a delivery and if you want the parcel to be redelivered there is a small fee. Of course this requires that you enter your bank account number, sort code, payment card number and even your date of birth, all of which should set the alarm bells ringing very loudly.

No matter how slick and professional these so-called webpage look like don’t be fooled. If in doubt ask yourself what delivery company would want your date of birth and sort code number? Exactly.